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by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
Heavy rain on Sunday could hinder the hunt for David Khan;
Tourists fled and rallied after the Tunisian attack;
Kuwaiti official: there is \"ideological deviation\" in the suspect \";
Fugitives may suffer from lack of water and shelter;
Fire and explosion in Taiwan water park;
Allegations may be made against activists who removed the alliance flag. Aired 6-
7a ETAired June 28, 2015-
06:00 ETTHIS is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated. (
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CNN anchor Victor Blackwell: things are getting worse this morning in the new killer David Khan search area, until Monday\'s heavy rain and even flooding can make it harder to hunt down fugitives this morning.
Christian Paul, cnn anchor: Yes, you see people running in flames.
Taiwan\'s water park has turned into hell because of the explosion of flammable powder, hundreds of people are hospitalized, and you see people attending parties forced to save themselves through the fire.
Blackwell: the debate on the bunlian flag reached a new height, and there was more and more support for an activist who took that flag and the new one this morning, even NASCAR, it seems to be getting rid of that familiar sight in the country.
Paul: We always appreciate your company.
Thank you for sharing your time with us.
I\'m Christian Paul.
Blackwell: I\'m Victor Blackwell.
It\'s always good to be with you.
We start North New York, where the weather can make it harder to find convicted killer David Khan.
You are looking at the Live Photos there.
You can see the road is wet.
It began to rain there.
As the day continues, police will struggle with heavy rains and even carry out flood surveillance before Monday, which will make the terrain more dangerous.
We are looking closely at one of the cabins, which became a temporary hiding place for the fugitives.
As we go through the pictures, you can see how far away the area is.
We will take a closer look at the video here in a second.
First, though, we need to focus on today\'s search.
About 22 square miles.
We found Polo Sandoval here, who lives in the search area of Malone, New York.
Polo, how is the weather there, what are they talking about, and it may hinder or help them in some way?
CNN reporter polo sandoval: Christi, you will see these weather maps in a few minutes, but that\'s what it looks like on the Malone ground in New York, in fact, it didn\'t rain this morning, but what\'s different now in just a few hours.
We can now see these showers coming into the area.
The search staff here are very familiar with working in the rain.
In fact, you will remember that in and around the denimora area, which is not far from here, it is only about 25 miles or so, and after the actual jailbreak, the searchers have to deal with the rain within 85% of the time.
Search and rescue personnel continue to intensify their efforts today.
In fact, nearly two days after the alleged accomplices, Richard Matt, were shot dead, the number of law enforcement officers on the scene increased to about 1,200 as they continued to look for David Khan.
Investigators still don\'t have any solid evidence that there is no sweat in the area, so we see that they are really looking at the area.
Officials, especially local police here, are making another call to the public.
They know that if they are to find this very dangerous person, it will be with their help. (
Start Video Editing)
Sheriff Kevin muffhill of Franklin County, New York: He\'s been running for weeks.
He is tired and he is tired. He\'s hungry.
He will make mistakes.
The calls we received from the public, and that\'s the clue to the case.
There were a lot of phone calls yesterday that helped us find where Matt was. (END VIDEO CLIP)
SANDOVAL: they will be able to track the person with the eyes and ears of the person who really knows their property and notice anything unusual.
At this point, they have evidence that he may be here, a set of tracks and bullet holes left on camper Christie, and a lot of questions about how this person is still running at this time.
Paul: OK, I\'m glad to know.
Polly, stay with us.
Ivan Cabrera is with us now, detailing the weather conditions you are experiencing, and I think one of the biggest problems is how long and how heavy this has been, because if they try to track him, it may erase any trace of him.
Ivan Cabera, ams meteorologist: Yes, the question about this, but hopefully the weather will make him miserable. [06:05:02]
The temperature was 58 degrees and it continued a cold wet rain all night.
This will last until today, so hopefully he will get his body temperature down.
5: 13 is the sunrise and we will get some good light there at that time, but let\'s focus on the radar and we can take you there when we check the situation here.
My Magic Wall fits well here, but we\'ll keep putting it here to show you.
Over the next few hours, the radar will continue to see some rain.
We\'re talking about more than just rainfall, and it\'s possible to get half an inch to an inch of rain today.
The temperature today will stay in their 50 s.
I think we will have gusts this afternoon, 20 to 25 miles per hour.
Visibility won\'t be good, down to half a mile for searchers.
We will continue to keep the cold and continue to rain.
I think it will hinder the search for the fugitive, unless he is in the shelter, very cold and very wet, which will last the whole day.
PAUL: That\'s right. it\'s very good.
Thank you very much, Ivan Reira and Dover, Polo Hill
We appreciate it.
Blackwell: Well, more now, let\'s invite CNN law enforcement analysts and former assistant director of the FBI, Tom Fuentes, and former New York City police chief Bernard Crick.
It\'s good to have you two.
Bernie, I want to start with you.
How does the weather affect search and rescue personnel?
Bernard Crick, former New York City police chief: Well, this will affect today\'s search staff.
They will have difficulties on any trail, on any track.
It will push him under cover.
He is looking for other cabins.
He\'s going to find a shelter.
He will be looking for a place to get rid of the weather and get rid of the cold, especially now all night.
This will lead to clues that can give law enforcement officers something to follow him.
I think that\'s what you\'re going to see now.
Blackwell: OK, so you have to bring the cabin.
Let\'s take a look at the first new video outside the cabin, the first respite for these fugitives.
We saw a remote area.
Tom, when we saw the new pictures in the cabin, I was wondering what the investigators could have pulled out of the status of the fugitives ---
What are they using?
It may be cold if they use blankets.
What can you infer from something they use or don\'t use?
Tom fuentes, CNN law enforcement analyst: Well, not just from what they found, Victor, when they brought the owner of the cabin there, he was the one who told them what weapons were missing.
It includes not just guns.
I believe three more hunting knives are missing.
He would say what clothes he left there, fresh boots, socks, coats, that material.
Tap water, electricity, TV.
They may have some amenities.
The problem is, poor police, more than a thousand police do not have this.
They go out in the cold and out in the rain.
Commanders must figure out how to maintain the perimeter and continue searching during the day.
But care for their people.
They have to get food, rest and shelter, and it\'s not an easy thing to get many people in and out of the perimeter.
Blackwell: Yes, the law enforcement officers there are also tired.
Bernie believes that right after the death of Richard Matt on Friday night, now searching, they say a warm pursuit of Mr Matt
Khan, does this indicate to you that he has fled this perimeter considering that he has not been captured in the last 36 hours.
KERIK: Well, I\'m not sure what they mean by hot chase, because as far as the current situation is concerned, there is no real clue, and as far as I can tell, no seeing him.
Pursue it in my way or in my thoughts--
I think Tom will agree. -
You know, you\'re right behind them.
You have a vision.
You saw something.
I don\'t think they really have that kind of pursuit and it would be interesting to see where it goes from here if there is no indication that he is really with him, you know.
Blackwell: Yes, the hint of this strong pursuit is that you really saw them and you were following up on someone you \'ve looked at and investigators said it hasn\'t happened yet.
Well, Bernard Crick, Tom forentes, we will continue the conversation throughout the morning. Thanks.
Thank you.
KERIK: Thank you.
Paul: We got incredible photos from the water park that turned into a fiery escape route. Look at this.
Okay, look at those people.
They really run in flames. [06:10:07]
At this point, the biggest question, apart from the fact that hundreds of people are in the hospital, is why is this happening?
In South Carolina, fighting for the flag, gathering in South Carolina to support and oppose the Confederate flag, the woman arrested for cutting down the flag is now out of prison.
In addition, we will hear from the Tunisian survivors.
They shared with us how the gunmen arrived safely when they shot at that crowded seaside resort.
You stay close. (
Business break)
Blackwell: the latest news about the deadly terrorist attack in Kuwait.
Local officials say a suicide bomber who detonated himself at a mosque was a Saudi citizen.
Police arrested the man who drove him to the mosque.
They said he was an illegal resident.
The attacks during Friday\'s prayers killed at least 27 people and injured more than 200 others.
ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombing.
Police in Kuwait say several other people linked to the attack have been arrested.
Now let\'s go to Tunisia, where one minute of People relax on the beach and one minute of people are running.
Survivors are talking about a terrorist attack on a seaside resort in the North African country of Tunisia.
At least 38 people were killed and nearly 40 injured.
The gunman was shot dead. U. S.
Officials say ISIS may have been the cause of his attack, but there is no evidence that the terrorist group planned the attack.
This is important.
As thousands of tourists left the town of Suss, Tunisians were mourning the victims and demanding better security.
Becky Anderson, CNN, is there right now, and we know that most of the victims, Becky, are Europeans on vacation? [06:15:09]
Becky Anderson, cnn correspondent: That\'s right.
As you said the Tunisian condemned the violence that led to the shooting of 38 tourists, 15 of whom were at least British, and the message from the UK was, this is the most significant attack on Britain since the July 7, 2005 transit explosion.
This is a Mediterranean resort, still shocked about 48 hours after the attack.
It\'s been 11: 00 here on Sunday morning.
As you have pointed out, Tunisia has vowed to strengthen security throughout the country.
The prime minister plans to crack down on what he calls an illegal mosque.
We saw evidence of a security crackdown on the road outside the hotel that visited the terrorist attack on Friday.
Many people say too little too late.
Others say, let\'s not return to the era of security before the old regime. 2005.
Those who fall into fear and chaos never seem to forget what happened.
Listen to the people we interviewed who survived the attack. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified men: what are those moments?
Chris Callahan, a terrorist survivor: I can\'t believe it.
She\'s bleeding too much.
I was lying in her blood trying to keep her awake. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Anderson: At the same time, the student who carried out the attack is described as an ordinary young man who loves football, dance and music until he is likely to become aggressive online.
The question is, how many young people are there in communities like this and in countries like this, and in this and other regions ---Victor.
Blackwell: We know the Tunisians are fighting back by holding this war against Tunisia. terror rally.
Becky Anderson in Suth town, thank you--Christi.
Paul: Let\'s talk about the latest developments in Kuwait and Tunisia.
Sajjan Gohel is the director of international security at the Asia Pacific Foundation and a terrorist expert who joined us from London.
Sajjan, thank you for being with us.
First, let\'s talk about Kuwait.
They are dealing with the worst terrorist attacks in years.
This morning, we know that the bomber we learned was a Saudi national who arrived by plane a few hours before the operation was carried out.
Was he able to get on the plane, does that indicate that he was out of their radar?
Sajjan gohel, a terrorist expert: It seems that the purpose is to bypass the border security at the Saudi border crossing in Kuwait.
In fact, how much money they spent on the ticket indicates their determination and level of wanting to carry out the attack.
It opposes Shiite Muslims, one of ISIS\'s main enemies.
Unfortunately, the attack, which is now one of the Arab states in the Gulf, has set a dangerous precedent, and there is concern that it may provoke community tensions in the region.
PAUL: Well, public relations are tight, can you expand it because a lot of people are looking at this and wondering what the benefits would be for ISIS to attack Kuwait?
GOHEL: Keep in mind that isis aims to expand its tentacles.
It hopes to expand and conquer more territory and to break it down.
The ISIS movement is led by Sunni Muslim factions whose ideology is very distorted.
Some of the enemies we know are mainly the West, but others include what they think are Shiite Muslims (inaudible)
They have committed horrific acts of violence against Shiite Muslims in Syria and Iraq, which now seem to be spreading to neighboring Kuwait.
PAUL: So when we talk about this 24-year-
The old suspect they believed. -
Described as a normal young man.
One of his neighbors went on to say that he could not have done it.
Like some militants kidnapped his mind.
Do you think this is an accurate description of the situation of these recruiters?
GOHEL: There are many people recruited in Tunisia, the UK, the United States, and the rest of the world, they are all becoming radical and instilled in what they see, hear and read through the Internet.
ISIS propaganda aimed at brainwashing them effectively controlled them like a cult. [06:20:05]
ISIS is a death cult that will give up their way of life, their work, their families, and the security measures they take in order to carry out these attacks just show how dangerous the brand of ISIS has become.
When it comes to the brand of terrorism, it replaces al-Qaida.
Paul: Sajjan Gohel, thank you for your understanding of the issue and for being with us.
Blackwell: a big celebration soon turned into chaos.
Look, then people start running.
You can see the photos at the gay pride event in San Francisco.
We\'ll tell you what the police say.
Wet, muddy, and even flood conditions have blocked this guy David Khan\'s search in New York, but it\'s not easy for him to hide.
There is something the survival activists have to say about the upcoming conditions. (
Business break)
Paul: We want you to look at some of the stories that are making headlines now. (VIDEO CLIP)
Blackwell: Yes, you heard there was gunfire near Gay Pride in San Francisco.
You see the crowd running
One of the bullets hit 64-year-
Old man, but he should be fine.
Police say a group of people near the incident had heated arguments and fired a few shots.
Police detained some people and said they did not believe the shootings were related to the celebration of gay pride. [06:25:05]
Paul: In Charleston, South Carolina, hundreds of people are expected to attend the funeral of Pastor de Piane Middleton --
Doctor, later today. The 49-year-
Always one of the nine victims of the Emanuel Amei church shooting.
The funeral of Mira Thompson is scheduled for tomorrow night.
The funeral plan of the last victim, Pastor Daniel Simmons.
Not announced yet.
Blackwell: Secretary of State John Kerry says he wants the U. S.
Iran can finally reach a comprehensive nuclear deal, but he admits more needs to be done. However, U. S.
Officials do not expect Obama
Kerry and Iran\'s foreign ministers will reach an agreement by Tuesday\'s deadline set by the US government. N.
Security Council
Kerry and Zarif will sit down in Vienna today to negotiate again.
Paul: Richard Matt, we just got some ground breaking details about the fugitive who was killed.
We are learning about his physical and mental condition before his death.
We will give it to you next.
There is also a Taiwan water park where it is just a show and now it is a hell and you will see people trying to save their lives.
We will tell you what happened. (
Business break)
Paul: 30 minutes in an hour.
We have new details about the situation where escaped fugitive Richard Matt was caught and killed.
According to sources in Buffalo News, Matt is sick and may be drunk.
Blackwell: our CNN Polo Sandoval is now joining us with some of the details we \'ve learned from Buffalo News.
\"Tell us how they decided.
CNN correspondent polo sandoval: Yes, guys, those local reports are now being--
Or at least they cite at least one anonymous law enforcement source and now provide some very important information, this information may tell us what life looks like at a time when Richard Matt had a fatal confrontation with federal agents on Friday.
We are now informed that at least these reports from Buffalo News suggest that Richard Matt is not only drunk when confronted with federal agents, but may also be ill.
Now, they don\'t say exactly, but I can tell you that this is happening as we continue to dig into the details of what --possible.
Richard Matt\'s autopsy revealed that it might tell us where he was still alive before he confronted federal agents, and maybe even before Friday\'s deadly confrontation.
At the same time, the search continues and, in fact, the search for what he calls his associate David Khan is intensifying.
You should be able to see how bad things are in northern New York.
Just yesterday, for example, in the past 24 hours alone, officials had a good day ahead of them.
But today, when we continue to see these showers, there is a very, very sharp contrast.
In fact, they expect to strengthen.
The visibility can be very limited under the obstruction of search conditions, especially for aerial officers who search in very difficult terrain below.
For officers on the ground, while it will be very difficult, don\'t expect them to take back some of those efforts.
In fact, they are very familiar with searching in the rain.
In fact, we were following the jailbreak about three weeks ago.
They had to do the work under similar weather conditions.
So Kristin, Victor, as we continue to see an increased search for David Khan, law enforcement officers have to deal with not only the weather, but also people in the north of New York.
Blackwell: Okay.
Thank you very much.
Let\'s talk about this.
Deal with the weather.
We have Shane Hobel, a survivor and a tracking coach.
He knows what it feels like to live on land and how to track the fugitives, especially in very rough terrain.
He showed CNN\'s Rosa Flores what David Slater was looking for when he was looking for him. Watch. (Start Video)
Shane hobel: things are starting to hit me right away.
Rosa Flores, cnn correspondent: What\'s it like?
So, I already know there\'s a track.
I know there is a track here.
This has been pushed down.
This group is here and the group has been pushed forward.
Look at the color.
When the foot leaves, it raises the stick and pushes it to its position, because it is clearly not a natural act.
What is this-
How does this plant behave.
Flores: it will technically be called Running, Shane says, with a series of indications that someone is going through the woods.
But not all the clues left on the ground.
Shane is also looking for clues on his shoulders.
HOBEL: if I move here quickly, or a little more radical --
Aggressive behavior, I may have moved it in such a way that it does catch itself.
This is what we are looking.
This is something that makes no sense here. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Blackwell: Shane, there\'s a lot to talk to you about.
So, it\'s good that you live with us now.
We thank you for that.
Shane, let\'s talk first about the breaking details of the Buffalo News report this morning, citing anonymous law enforcement sources when Matt was killed, it may be sick because of eating spoiled food or bad water.
When you are out in this situation, I would imagine that water and food are the biggest concerns.
Huber: Sure.
You know, there are four basic principles in a scenario of survival or disaster type.
That is shelter, water, fire, food.
Water and Fire are clearly symbiotic.
I have to boil water or render charcoal dust or make an original filter.
So we have to assume that they are already bad and they have been contaminated.
This is part of the survival rules.
We have to go through this process and you really put your life on your water. [06:35:03]
Huber: I\'m sure they may have experienced diarrhea and some other ugly things.
But so is hygiene.
The last time these guys actually took a shower, they had been running in low temperature conditions, especially today, under rough terrain.
In terms of survival or at least mentality. . .
Blackwell: Yes.
Huber: You are not the normal mode of survival.
Most people want to be found and they will take your time to do a shelter, take food, clean up water and stuff like that, obviously not here.
I\'m sure he suffered a lot.
Blackwell: when it comes to the sanctuary, let\'s put a picture of the cabin.
We have WPTZ video in that area.
I want to know when you see the fourth week of these two men running away now.
Most people think this is all around running in the wilderness.
But how many resets can this cabin offer?
Huber: You know, a lot.
We don\'t even know exactly how many cabins they visited.
Throughout the Adirondack area, there are many buildings linked to buildings scattered outside.
There is no doubt that this is a vast area.
So know these two are not survival experts. -
If they were, they wouldn\'t be back in the cabin and they would be outside --
And the police will be more difficult when they find them.
We know they\'re not.
We know that they have been in and out of these seasonal cabins.
They are shared hunting lodge
We are not quite sure if they will have a small gift bag if you would like.
So, from the point of view of their needs, they are clearly obtained from any artificial structure.
He was just moving or crouching for the night with the Woods.
Blackwell: Well, we talked about the weather.
The flood lasted until Monday.
We discussed how this will affect. . .
Oh, yes.
Search for Cruise and law enforcement.
You\'re a survivor.
How does it affect survival in this case?
You know, yes-
It becomes cruel without skill.
You know, you\'re standing in the wind outside, you\'re creating low temperature conditions for yourself.
So you have run out of yourself standing there.
Not to mention that there is not enough water and food, we know that he may have --
Of course, this fast-paced rhythm is constantly moving. The police -
They were quiet as they walked through the woods.
When it rains, there seems to be a white noise around the whole forest.
It also makes it difficult for them to hear sports from sweat.
So, rain is a good thing and a bad thing in tracking.
The rain will leave some traces in those places.
The field tracking you see in the guide is a very rare occasion.
Blackwell: Yes.
Huber: But the softer the soil, the easier it will be for them to see it.
However, the rain is not conducive to washing off the tracks.
Yes, I saw it. I see that.
Shane Huber, thank you very much.
A survivor and a tracker.
We appreciate this insight very much.
Huber: of course. my pleasure.
PAUL: Well, the protesters here are waving bunlian flags in Alabama and South Carolina to support their presence in the state capital.
At the same time, do you remember these activists in South Carolina? They climbed the flagpole and took off the flag of the Confederacy.
Well, she and her associates were released on bail this morning and they have become celebrities on various social media.
Can this motivate others to do the same?
Despite the consequences?
Our group discussed the problem.
In addition, an explosion occurred in Taiwan\'s water park.
Look here at those who cross the fire to save themselves. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)(MUSIC)
People scream (END VIDEO CLIP)
PAUL: It\'s horrible, isn\'t it?
You can\'t imagine what these people went through in that scene, the explosion of a water park.
It was yesterday in New Taipei, Taiwan.
Taiwan\'s mayor said it was \"the worst mass injury ever in the City of New North \".
\"Our Casey Novak is investigating what caused it. (Start Video)
CNN Correspondent Kathy Novak: it\'s supposed to be a fun night, dancing with friends, party at the water park, music, flash. Then this --
A huge fireball engulfed the stage, and frightened people screamed and fled through the flames that seemed to be everywhere.
The injured were held in their arms by others, and some were dragged on inflatable rafts.
The party participants did their best to cool the skin of those who were burned in the fire.
Hundreds of people arrived at the nearby hospital.
Military hospitals in the area provide beds to accommodate what the local mayor said were the most serious casualties in the history of the massive injuries in the City of New North.
It is believed that, as part of the color theme, the colored powder sprayed on the crowd ignited the Asian incident, causing an air explosion.
These events have been held here before.
The video on the organizer\'s Facebook page shows that the bag that sells the powder, and people throw it in the air and on friends, is a little fun.
Holy festival similar to India (ph)
Or hold events around the world.
Seems to be responsible for this terrible disaster.
The Coast said in a statement that it was a great pity that the accident caused harm to many victims.
The company said the venue for the event had been rented by a marketing company.
The mayor immediately closed the water park and ordered an investigation.
Kathy Novak, CNN, Taipei(END VIDEOTAPE)
Blackwell: We \'ve got an update on the breaking news we reported yesterday on the show.
This woman, we have a picture here, and her associates have been arrested for removing the Confederate flag from the State Council grounds in South Carolina.
This morning, they were released from prison or released on bail after becoming famous overnight. [06:45:00]
Blackwell: But what is the real law? We\'ll discuss. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
You \'d better bring it to you-
You may want to go back to where you came. . .
Unidentified male: No, don\'t go back to where you came.
Where did I come from? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Paul: in South Carolina, it\'s grumpy.
Protesters against the flag of the Confederacy.
They stopped with those who wanted to leave it in the State Council.
A few hours later, the tense moment came.
The two activists, Britney Brie Newsham and James Tyson, you saw there, were arrested while tearing off the disputed flag in the state capital.
During her arrest, 30-year-
The old man said she did it because \"it\'s the right thing to do and it\'s time for people to stand up.
Let\'s talk to CNN contributor Bakari Sellers, Joy Jackson, legal analyst at HLN, about this and thank you both for coming with us.
I want to go to your place first.
So, mention that you are a former South Carolina House representative.
You heard the argument there and the mood was high.
Wondering if you are concerned about potential violence between people there.
What can the authorities do to ensure freedom of speech is heard without this? [06:50:03]
Bakari sellers, CNN contributor: Well, South Carolina is not a powder keg.
We went through a series of traumatic events, whether we were talking about Walter Scott\'s murder or the massacre of nine people killed last Wednesday, including one of my good friends, Clementa.
We sleep the rest.
In fact, we are still in mourning.
We have three more funerals to attend, but South Carolina is by no means a powder keg or an explosion.
The flag caused such a big tension in the state.
It is full of hatred for many of us.
The young man carried hatred on that banner.
I mean, so we\'re trying to move forward and bring it down.
I look forward to this flag falling forever in about two weeks.
So we are looking forward to this day.
PAUL: So, what makes you believe that this is what will happen in two weeks?
I am cautious and optimistic, but I do have confidence.
I think there is momentum.
I think all the people, I mean I saw little Dale Earhart.
Come out and say that the flag is coming down.
I saw the statement from NASCAR.
I \'ve seen statements from Sunoco and Boeing and all of these companies that put economic pressure on our legislators.
We look forward to our ultimate goal.
My goal is not to flag for the time being.
My goal is to bring down the flag for a lifetime.
We have been working in this area since 1962.
There is a belief that South Carolina has just sat in its hands.
But we keep moving.
From Charleston to Colombia, we have been moving forward.
We have been submitting our bills and we have been very active in the process. PAUL: Yeah.
I mean, now our goal is within reach.
PAUL: Well, look at Brie newtham.
I mean, she\'s becoming a cyber hero, Joey.
Joey Jackson, CNN commentator: Yes. PAUL: People -
She is very popular on social media.
People have been looking-
Yes, pay her bail.
But let\'s see what she\'s facing.
What and how she was charged-
I mean, three years at most? Is it not? JACKSON: Sure.
This is a misdemeanor.
You know, it destroyed a monument in the state square.
This is a misdemeanor.
Of course, it\'s not because you think it\'s going to be punished for three years.
There is a fine of $5,000.
But I think Attorney Christie will watch the last game here.
Whenever someone has committed any type of crime, you will see what their intention is.
You know, there\'s no malice behind her intentions.
Of course, we are a society with laws.
You want to stop people from doing anything.
But at the end of the day, you also have to look at what benefits her prosecution will bring.
Of course, there are also deterrence factors, because you don\'t want others to engage in illegal activities, but at the same time, civil disobedience has a long history in this country and a long history of good development.
Did I see a lawsuit? Potentially.
They have work to do, but I really don\'t know what is the maximum time of three years.
Of course, she can escape potential non-criminal crimes.
I think the Legislature will address this in a few weeks.
When barkari was talking.
I think it is certainly possible to have a majority of 2 out of 3 required by both houses.
It will come down.
I think the public sentiment will affect what the prosecutor is doing here.
Paul: I want to know if this has anything to do with it.
Because the National Association of Colored People also came out to support her.
Is this going to be a factor, you believe?
Jackson: Christie, as a former prosecutor, I will tell you that the prosecutor is an elected official.
I am an assistant to the district attorney, which means that the elected officer is, of course, the prosecutor himself.
But I think it has Calculus in it.
You obviously want to see any public policy, any public interest, you want to see the law.
But prosecutors are also not immune to the public view of this, that is, trying to do the right and just thing in any case they deal.
Paul: Bacary, do you think that Brie now has a real voice in this area to inspire, influence, does she do the right thing in a way that makes her faith known?
Seller: she is definitely the voice here.
The courage and strength she climbed up the pole and took it down resonated throughout the community.
Joey talked about civil disobedience.
Whether you\'re talking about Sarah May Fleming sitting on the bus before Rosa Parks, whether you\'re talking about the three kids sitting down at the lunch counter on February 1, 1960, this kind of disobedience to citizens will bring about change.
Yes, she has courage and strength.
We hope, I hope, that when my colleagues at the assembly come back in two weeks, they will be able to show the courage and strength similar to that black woman who continues to climb the summit to take that flag down.
Maybe we will put it for more than an hour this time.
Maybe we will put it down for the rest of our lives.
Paul: We will definitely see it.
Bacary Cyrus, Joey Jackson, gentlemen, it\'s a pleasure for you to be with us. Thank you.
Thank you, Christie.
Take care, barkari.
Seller: Thank you for giving me this opportunity.
Thank you, Joey.
You know, Bacary just mentioned little Dale Earhart.
Because autumn
Now the banner of the Federation extends into sports.
Next, we have a live report on the powerful words NASCAR uses to attract our attention from the responsible person.
In addition, social media is also hot.
We will discuss this issue further.
In addition, new details of the hunt in New York. [06:55:02]
Blackwell: before Richard Matt was shot dead by police, our knowledge of him may have led to his arrest.
How long can his partner, David Khan, run alone in this situation?
Go straight to the scene report. (
Business break)
Blackwell: It\'s two minutes an hour ago.
NASCAR could be the next battlefield in the Battle of the Alliance flag. PAUL: Yeah.
Fans, will they be on board? this is a big problem for many people.
Coy Wire has more here. Good morning.
CNN Sports coy wire: Good morning, everyone.
The flag will never fly again.
NASCAR has now issued a statement in support of the South Carolina State Council\'s removal of the Confederacy flag.
They reiterated their opposition to the use of the flag at the event.
Now, Brian France, president of NASCAR.
He called the flag a symbol of offensive and divisive nature.
I know you\'re talking about Dale Earhart.
He stood up and said, look, it\'s an attack on the whole game.
For more than a decade, NASCAR has banned the use of flags in their activities.
But it still finds the direction in the event.
Now NASCAR has taken a strong stance on it in the past, like banning pro-in 2012-
Golfer Bubba Watson plans to drive the \"dangerous Duke\" car on the Phoenix track as the car\'s roof hangs the Southern Union flag.
With the recent events in South Carolina, they will make sure that the flag does not appear in any of their events.
This includes camps, areas of the track, and so on.
Now NASCAR is a movement that started in the South.
Some hardcore fans are unhappy about it.
We want to know what you think.
Can you share your review in the next hour?
Should NASCAR put a hard brake on the alliance flag?
Tweet to us on NewDay and use the tag \"NewDay CNN\" and we would like to use your review so it\'s a pleasure to hear from you.
Okay, we will. Coy, thanks.
Paul: Thank you. [07:00:00]
Paul: Thank you very much for sharing your morning with us.
Blackwell: Yes, we have more to do in the next hour of your \"New Day.
Start now.
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