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new hampshire water park sold at auction

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
Last time in its owner
To save the New Hampshire Water Park, liquid planet was auctioned at an auction on Wednesday.
Union leaders report that the owner of the whale story Water Park in Lincoln, New Hampshire-NLI LLC Inc. —
Bought the foreclosed Candia Park for $950,000.
In 2013, NLI also received outdoor sports and Alpine Adventures at zipline park in Lincoln.
Kevin Dumont opened the liquid planet in 2008 to attract public attention, I locked myself on a water slide in the park for 17 days and found investors who might help him pay off $1.
Bank loans of 6 million before the auction on Wednesday.
On November 25, Dumont announced that despite some interested buyers, they had no time to complete the \"complex investment \".
He also said he was developing pneunomia after spending several cold nights on Highway 30foot slide.
\"Obviously, it\'s sad,\" Dumont told union leaders on Wednesday . \".
\"Whenever you start doing one thing, as long as we do it, it\'s 10 years from the beginning to the end, and you put your heart into it, it\'s painful.
I hope it will find a good home.
I know in my heart that I have done everything I can to save it and it will continue to enter the next stage of its life.
\"Dumont also said he expected him to have to leave his home, one of the two houses on the property of the water park.
NLI, the representative who tried to make a deal with Dumont a few months ago, told union leaders that the acquisition was an opportunity to expand their business from the White Mountains in their current two parks to the south.
\"We have been working in the water park industry for 30 years and we think that we can use our expertise to continue to grow and continue to be a successful company, jeff Woodward, managing partner at NLI, said.
Woodward added that the park will be reopened.
Open in spring.
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