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new laws try to keep swimmers safe

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
HUGHESJUNE 15,2008 when the township of West Caldwell, NJ.
Five years ago, a major renovation of the Westville Avenue community pool was carried out, and a news article was still fresh in the minds of officials.
2002 of Graeme Baker, Virginia, 7, McLean, Virginia.
When she was trapped by the powerful suction of the sewer, she drowned in the spa
Breathe water into the inlet of the filtration system.
During the renovation, West Caldwell added a secondary pool drain to reduce the suction of each drain, thus reducing the possibility of someone being trapped, said Gordon Bruchac, director of urban entertainment.
Trish Schaffer, resident of West Caldwell, said she never knew there was a risk of drainage traps in the pool, but she was happy that her town was here because in the summer, she takes her three sons to the swimming pool every day.
\"This is one thing I don\'t have to worry about, especially as they get older and do more under the water,\" she said . \".
With Mercury climbing and school holidays in the summer, parents and children are looking for ways to stay cool and the pool safety issues are back to the forefront.
With the increase in pool accidents, homeowners, municipal officials and pool makers are facing a series of new regulations aimed at protecting the safety of swimmers.
They vary from state to town.
In some places they extend to the use of the plastic children\'s pool.
The implementation of new measures and the awareness of them also vary from place to place.
According to the Consumer Product Safety Committee, the number of children drowning has risen nationwide.
Between 2002 and 2004, the average number of children drowning each year was 267;
From 2003 to 2005, the number rose to 283 per year.
At the same time, residential swimming pools are becoming more and more popular. Lawrence S.
Caniglia, executive director of the Northeast spa and swimming pool Association, estimates that the industry in the region has grown by about 10% annually in recent years.
There are about eight.
There are 6 million swimming pools and 5 swimming pools.
6 million hot tub in the country.
According to data from the consumer goods safety committee, from 2004 to 2005, inflatable swimming pools caused 47 people drowning nationwide.
In Westchester County, a new law requires businesses selling inflatable swimming pools to issue a danger warning.
\"Just because it\'s an inflatable pool, people shouldn\'t distinguish it from an indoor pool
Andrew J, chief executive of Westchester County, said. Spano.
Donald Mees, senior director of Consumer Union product safety and technology public policy, said young children are more likely to fall due to the soft side of the inflatable pool, the Consumer Report publisher lists the product in its list of \"eight products that are not purchased for children.
\"They can hold so much water that people don\'t take them down, but they are so cheap that people don\'t put up doors,\" Mr. Mays said.
Super Stop & Shop in White Plains sells two inflatable pool models;
One big, one small, about 2 feet deep.
They just started posting signs of county officials resigning last week.
\"Even if it\'s just two-
Foot pool, you just have to turn around for a second, \"said Brian King, store manager.
In fact, many inflatable swimming pools may be subject to state laws that require fences.
Fence required 24 hours in New York, Connecticut and New Jerseyinch-deep pools.
However, since building an inflatable pool does not require a building permit, it is almost impossible for the town to monitor the inflatable poolCaniglia said.
Many municipal swimming pools have separate drainage systems when it comes to pool drainage, but they are large
It is therefore considered safe and in accordance with the provisions of the law.
Two pools in West Caldwell have grille drains.
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In addition, the five swimming pools operated by Westchester County Park, entertainment and protection have either multiple drains or a large grille drain, said spokesman Peter Tartaglia.
According to the Consumer Product Safety Board, at least 9 people died in the pool sewer and 63 were injured from 1999 to 2007.
\"It\'s a hidden danger that many families and many communities don\'t know about,\" he said. Wolfson said.
Last summer, Zachary Cohn, 6, Greenwich, Connecticut.
He died when he was trapped in the sewer of his pool.
After Zachary\'s death, about 100 customers at the Greenwich pool service asked for a counter
Luke Lambo, general manager, said trapping the drainage cover.
The cost of the installation of the new equipment is approximately $300.
The Virginia Graeme Baker Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2007 requires that a public swimming pool must be equipped with defense if it relies on a drain
Alan Cohen, director of global public policy for Safe Children, said trapping the drain cover and an automatic release system will shut down the pump if the drain is blocked, leading the advocacy group for legislation.
These changes must be completed by December.
This law covers not only the municipal swimming pool, but also the swimming pool of the hotel, country club and the day camp.
Advertising public pools are not subject to the required constraints if a known single \"unblocked\" drain or a drain so large that one cannot fully block it to create a trap hazard.
It\'s hard to say how many public swimming pools depend on a small sewer.
\"Most swimming pools may be in safe areas,\" said Scott Wolfson, a spokesman for the federal agency\'s consumer product safety committee, which is responsible for enforcing the new law . \".
\"But there are still thousands of pools that need to meet the requirements.
\"The new federal drainage law does not include the owner\'s pool, but it does provide an incentive plan for the states,\" he said. Korn said.
If the legislator passes a law that requires safety measures for the pool, including-
Trap cover. Mr.
Cohen said the law provides incentives of about $2 million a year for two years, but Congress has not yet allocated funds.
In addition, an additional $25 million was pending.
The funds will be used in the next five years to promote new drainage rules for public swimming pools.
This leaves many towns unaware of the responsibility they may take in the coming months.
At Oyster Bay, deputy park commissioner George Baptista did not know the new pool drainage method named after Virginia Graeme Baker until last week when asked about the issue.
He confirmed that there are more than one or more of the town\'s five swimming poolsstyle drains.
New equipment, fences and warning signs are important, says Stew Leonard Jr.
Connecticut and the New York supermarket owner, after he was 21, made water safety his mission. month-
His old son drowned twenty years ago. Mr.
Leonard and his wife Kim wrote and published two children\'s books on water safety.
\"At some point, you have to educate your children yourself,\" he said . \".
\"They are people in the pool.
\"A version of this article appears on page LI3 of The New York edition with the title: The new law seeks to protect the safety of swimmers.
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