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new york bounce houses fly away, witness calls incident \'terrifying\'

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-07
The father of the two children played in a bounce house in New York, and this weekend, in Good Morning America, recalled today\'s activities in horror.
\"It\'s terrible,\" said Richard Dodd, the parent . \".
13 adults and children were injured when strong winds blew three bounce houses-
The children play in it. -
On Saturday, at the youth football championship in New York\'s Oceanside, they rolled over the ground. Y.
The two daughters of morality, 5 and 7, are trapped in one of the bounce houses as part of an entertainment event for children at the Euro side joint football club championship at Long Island\'s euro side 9 School.
Dodd describes a chaotic scene in which a sudden gust of wind blows up the house and lets them roll around the campus.
\"I noticed for the first time the slides and the way to take off,\" Ethics said in the global assessment of the state of the marine environment.
\"And, literally, it took off 100 feet in the air, no exaggeration.
\"I don\'t think the video shows that,\" Dodd said . \" He refers to the amateur footage taken by witnesses at the scene, showing the house with children inside, being ripped off their base and landed in the air before finally landing on either side of them.
He said Dodd joined dozens of onlookers in a hurry to try to crush the house and rescue the children still inside, but were \"razed to the ground\" by them \".
His daughter and other injured were taken to the local hospital but were not seriously injured.
\"The girls are fine,\" Ethics told the Global Assessment of the state of the marine environment.
\"They will answer a lot of questions at school today [
About the accident, I\'m sure.
\"This incident has raised concerns about the safety of the bounce house as it has become more and more popular and has caused more accidents.
Pima County in Arris
Earlier this year, two incidents occurred when the bounce house was carried up in the air with children.
On February, two young girls blew from the fence to the roof of a bounce house. 19.
One of the girls was seriously injured and the other was slightly injured.
On April 2, a dust demon lifted a jumping castle containing two children into the air, about 15 feet, before it landed in the middle of a busy highway in Tucson, put it in arritz.
An emergency team from Tucson\'s fire department was called to rescue the boys and girls who were jumping into the castle at the time.
Both children are said to be between the ages of 7 and 10 and are taken to a serious but not serious hospital. life-
Threatened to get hurt.
Anthony Dixon, owner of Long Island \"jump and slide\" party rental in New York, told ABC News that his company had never encountered such a problem due to the precautions they took.
\"If the wind speed exceeds 15 miles per hour or more, we will turn the unit off,\" he said . \".
The regulation of the rebound House is currently completed in a state. by-
The basis of the state, each state is responsible for its own inflation rules.
Dodd says he\'s not sure yet whether he and his family will take legal action in an accident involving his daughter, but he knows it\'s unlikely they\'ll be back in the bounce house soon.
\"I don\'t know,\" he said of the proceedings in the global assessment of the state of the marine environment.
\"Of course, it\'s an important priority for our girls to be okay.
However, he responded to any plans for his girl to quickly enter the bounce house.
Schabner, president of ABC, contributed to the report.
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