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newly renovated waterslides open at the prince albert kinsmen water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
After a year of fundraising and national exposure, the waterslide at the relatives park was finally open to the public.
Slides were turned off last year because of the need to upgrade and are not safe.
Prince Albert was nominated for the Kraft Celebration Tour, a competition that rewards Community funding to help them become more active.
The city won a $25,000 water slide for entering the top 10 finals, but did not win a $100,000 prize.
However, with fund-raising activities, businesses and other organizations contributing to a $275,000 project, the water slide is still able to be renovated.
To celebrate the grand opening of the slides, the city will offer half-price admission this weekend.
The public should have been able to use slides starting with 1 p. m.
On Monday, but the staff at the relatives water park said the slides were a bit itchy and needed to be smooth first.
The pump is also watching.
The staff expects that the public will be able to start using the slides sometime on Monday night.
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