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ninja warrior wannabes test their mettle at purpose-built obstacle course

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
Greg Harvey says a lot of people laugh when they hear plastic surgeons running trampoline gyms and Ninja Warrior obstacle classes.
Dr. Harvey has been a surgeon in Hobart for 15 years.
About seven years ago, he was involved in the operation of a trampoline club.
\"My child is at a trampoline club in a shed next door to our land,\" he said . \".
\"Then there were 150 people who didn\'t have a club, so they let feliciti and I in and started a new club --which we did.
\"Recently, Dr. Harvey installed a shed on his property with obstacles from the Ninja Warrior TV series.
\"I have been enjoying this program for 20 years,\" he said . \"
\"We thought, \'What is the use of this for a single leaf \'.
\"Now we have seen [Australian]
Show, we \'ve got our builders starting with more metal truss, and we\'re going to expand to some of the obstacles we see in the show. . .
Make it more relevant to next year\'s trial.
Dr. Harvey said that since the show was broadcast locally, there has been a growing interest in obstacle classes, and both children and adults want to see it.
Using mats and foam pits instead of water, the stadium in the shed is drier than what is seen on TV
But Dr. Harvey says it\'s hard too.
\"You have to be able to move your weight,\" said Harry, an employee at the east side activity center . \".
\"This is also a skill. . .
Like a revolving door, if you swing at the right time, you won\'t fight against the momentum of the door, you just follow the flow.
Dr. Harvey said he hopes to see Tasmania\'s competitors in the next season\'s \"Australian Ninja Warrior\", perhaps including one or two of his employees.
\"Later this year, once we have established the final hurdle, we are eager to host a Tasman championship,\" he said . \". Topic: Practice-and-
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