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north korean despot kim jong un (inset) has opened his very own mosney-inspired water park \'songdowon\', and claims it is already a hit with irish holidaymakers.

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-30
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (inset)
Opened his own Mosney-
Inspired by the water park \"Matsushima\", it claims to have been welcomed by Irish holidaymakers.
He also recently announced that North Korea won the World Cup in Brazil.
So we know he won\'t lie.
The park displays a huge bronze statue of Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Il Sung, and the poster reads: \"We are the happiest people in the world, the generals are walking in front, and the children go camping . \".
It\'s not surprising that if Irish families explore the beauty of our country, Michael Lin, the junior minister of tourism, would prefer it.
\"Didn\'t we have the Avito Park in Meath and the largest inflatable water park in Ireland in Athlone? \" he said ? \".
\"What do people need to go to North Korea when we have everything here ? \" L. most RTE radio hosts resigned last week when JNLRs was published --
Given the decline in many of the RTE\'s listeners, this is a predictable result.
Reporters were told that Tubs was busy on a holiday at Beeb while Sean o\'lock was relaxing in Galway.
Sean was ready to text, but we were told that the conversation was not possible at all.
When asked why it was convenient for all the staff to escape the 2fm radio building, owner Dan Healy shouted, \"it doesn\'t matter, talent --I\'m here.
You found the big man.
What else do you want? The last installment of Peter Jackson\'s Hobbit series --
Battle of the Five Armies-
Will be released on December.
Irish actor Aidan Turner plays a raffish dwarf Kili in the film and assures fans that the film will be full of quick wit.
\"There\'s a lot of fighting here and a lot of jokes about fart and snot,\" he said . \"
\"Peter Jackson is funny. \" Can\'t wait.
I\'m talking about a dime.
Dublin mayor Christie Burke made a big fuss about the use of the word \"God\" in the official title earlier this year.
According to Burke, the word dates back to \"colonial times\" and contradicts his desire to serve \"the simple Mayor.
But Christy seems to have changed his style.
This week, he said he wanted to spend more time marching around Dublin in the official 3-meter Mayor\'s carriage.
Burke believes that this mode of transportation is more eco-friendly than his usual mode of transportation. a Volvo S80.
\"By using it, I will help with climate change,\" he said . \".
\"There is no discharge from a carriage.
\"He was thoughtful.
In honor of Uncle Gabo\'s 80 th birthday this week, Radio historian Dr. Finola Doyle O\'Neal provided television lovers with her upcoming book, gay Bourne: he has a long career in hosting the country.
She cited some of the highlights of Guy\'s career, including \"leading padrigg Flynn in a ruined dead end, wearing a condom on a banana when\" late.
When asked what made guy different from other broadcasters, Dr. Finola replied: \"His mundane.
It\'s not what he said. It\'s what he told others to say.
Quote from Mary mcalis: \"Putting a hair sticky, a cup of tea and an hour of gable on the Radio\" will make anyone feel better.
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