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ny inflatable mishap focuses on regulating rides

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-21
-The bodies of the two began to roll.
At the youth football championship on weekends, red, white and blue inflatable slides fly up into the sky.
That afternoon, two other inflatable toys also flew down from the ground, causing young people to bump and bump, but a mother who crashed with an inflatable was seriously injured --land on her.
Fathers, coaches, and bystanders sprinted toward the air rides, and some stabbed frantically into the air with knives --
On Saturday, it was packed with people before others were injured.
Mike Perniches, a father, later told The Associated Press: \"I never thought there would be any serious problems, any concerns about safety . \".
\"But now, I think, forget it.
\"It was over at the hospital on the 13 th.
In the oceanside of Long Island, New York, people are getting a more familiar lesson: inflatable rides --with their hit-and-
Lack of regulation and lack of industry-Broad standards
Failure to properly install or operate can be life-threatening.
In the past two months, at least 10 inflatable devices across the country have been overturned by strong winds or collapsed by excessive weight, and more than 40 people have been injured, according to www. rideaccidents.
A website that tracks accidents at rides.
According to media reports, in more than a week beginning at the end of April, two slides collapsed in different events in California and nine children were injured.
In Arizona, two accidents occurred in the Tucson area, injuring four children, including sisters in the bounce house on February.
On April, a boy and a girl were blown up in three lanes in a bounce house.
\"I hope this is rare, but this is not the case.
This has been happening all the time, \"said Jim Barber, spokesman for the National Association of rides safety officials based in Brandon, Florida.
\"These are probably the most dangerous entertainment devices they have.
\"The problem is not the rides, but the way they are set up and supervised,\" he said.
Too many companies that rent inflatable toys will put them down at the party without any guidance, Barber said.
\"If they want to rent these things, they should rent them with the operator,\" he said . \".
\"A lot of the time, they never broke down, they put too many children, they put two children --and three-year-
A 16-year-old childyear-
Old, \"says Barber, who oversees New York State\'s ride inspector before he retires.
\"They won\'t fly away if installed properly,\" he said . \".
Long Island police did not immediately know the name of the vendor who provided the rides at the European Union Football Club Festival on Saturday.
Catherine Rice, Nassau County district attorney, said her office would look into the accident.
According to the news daily, a 36-year-old woman named Catherine Hughes was injured in her head and spine when the flight slide fell on her.
South Nassau Community Hospital in Oceanside did not immediately provide an update on her condition, where she was being treated.
\"She was walking on the runway and it hit her,\" Perniches said . \".
\"She was still lying on the ground with blood flowing out of her mouth.
\"Most of the damage caused by inflatable toys involves bumps and bruises, but, as in the seaside, there is a more serious danger.
According to the risk management consultation at N. New Hartford, most accidents are caused by improper anchoring, strong winds and lack of supervisionY. -
According to the National Insurance issued by Utica to groups using inflatable devices.
In June 2010, a Penn man died a few days after the inflatable slide collapsed and nailed him in a Cleveland Indian match. A 5-year-
On March 2010, the old boy fell from an inflatable toy at an indoor entertainment center in Wichita, Kansas, and landed on a concrete floor and was killed.
On January 2010, a bounce house at the Florida birthday party was blown into a pond with a 5-year-Old girl inside
The neighbor pulled the child out of the water.
Every state has regulations governing rides.
While most people have laws and inspectors to supervise the mechanical rides of amusement parks and playgrounds, only a few people do the same review of inflatable equipment.
Barber, a spokesman for the National Association of rides safety officials, said states do not have enough inspectors or funds to keep up with the operation of thousands of bounce houses and inflatable slides.
Still, he thought it would be a good idea for all states to regulate them.
On 2009, Cincinnati\'s archdiocese banned inflatable rides at the church festival in southwest Ohio, after a boy was injured in another group-sponsored softball tournament when a gust of wind crossed the slide.
The wind dumped the slide about 70 yards and carried 11-year-The old boy with it.
He just left with bruises.
A consumer product safety committee report released in 2005 linked the growing popularity of inflatable toys to the increasing number of injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms from 1997 to 2004.
The agency found that an estimated 1,300 people were injured in 1997 and an estimated 4,900 in 2004.
The Consumer Product Safety Board warned that operators should install inflatable devices as required by the manufacturer, and that larger rides such as slides should be operated by at least two people.
It also says weight restrictions should be closely watched.
Problems and lack of industry
In 2003, wide standard led a group of inflatable operators to set up a trade association to promote safety and develop guidelines and training programs.
There are about 50 members of the operator in charge of entertainment leasing, most on the East Coast.
This is just a small part of the company that operates today.
Michael Masoko is coaching his 6-year-
When inflatable toys parachuted on Long Island on Saturday, the old daughter\'s football match said it was hard to believe what he saw at first.
\"We\'re all sprinting towards it, trying to grab the bug one and drain its air,\" he recalls . \".
\"At first the children didn\'t know where their parents were and the parents on the other side tried to find their children, which was a bit confusing.
There are several tense moments.
He said his wife was filming a video of a football match and he immediately aimed the camera at the shells in flight.
\"We just hope this is a lesson for others to make sure these things are properly anchored,\" he said . \".
\"I don\'t know if this is the case here, but it\'s always windy there.
We can find someone to make sure this doesn\'t happen anymore and I will be happy.
Reports from Toledo, Ohio.
Rhonda Shafner, a New York researcher at the Associated Press, also contributed to the report.
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