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Obstacle Course Ideas

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
Obstacles like sacks and bathtubs
Hop is a highlight of traditional outdoor games.
A series of tasks, simple to difficult, keep the children curious during the event.
Obstacle Racing is the perfect event to organize when going out for a birthday party, a children\'s summer camp or Children\'s Day.
These sports activities not only keep the children busy, but also provide them with a lot of exercise.
Today, kids are addicted to video games and TV, so these obstacle games are a great way to keep kids busy and active.
Sports activities contribute to the improvement of children\'s overall motor skills, coordination, balance and overall development of children.
Generally, obstacles are set up outdoors;
However, when the weather is not good, they can become interesting indoor obstacle classes.
When setting up obstacle classes, you need to remember different activities such as jumping, crawling, walking, climbing, etc.
This can be incorporated into the course activities. Some 6-
The 8 stations are good enough to have a decent obstacle route.
People can choose the idea of various obstacle courses for children to have fun in the backyard.
However, whether or not it is appropriate depends on the age group of children you plan your activities.
Most of the activities mentioned below are for children aged 6 to 13.
There are usually newspapers at home.
Just get as many newspapers as you can and put them in this fun event.
Two sheets per child.
Let them put a piece of paper in front of them and walk from one marked line to the other.
They need to put a piece of paper in front of them, then step on it, then put the next piece of paper in front of them, step on it, then turn around and lift the previous piece of paper for the next step.
For this station, one needs a wooden ladder that has been polished to prevent the debris from piercing their calves.
The ladder should also be painted in bright colors.
Lay the ladder flat on the ground and let the children pass through the ladder as quickly as possible.
This station needs 8-
10 simple plastic rings.
Put the basketball in a straight line and let the children enter the first cycle.
Instruct the child that he or she needs to step into the basket, lift it above his head, and then put it down as he or she moves forward.
Place pogo sticks somewhere in the obstacle course.
Before the next challenge of the course, the child must jump with the pogo stick. Dig about 5-
6 holes of equal distance on the ground.
Insert a 2 feet tall bamboo stick in each.
About 3-distance
4 feet from the construction of the bamboo line, and then set up a bamboo line of the same height.
Then use the zigzag to tie the line from a bamboo pole of Line 1 to the bamboo pole of Line 2.
In this way, you will get a thread mesh on it.
In order to complete the obstacle course, the children had to crawl on their stomachs.
If you happen to catch a small tire then you can put it on the obstacle.
The child has to put the tire in a vertical position and then use the stick and he or she will roll the tire all the time until the next challenge.
Provide a small cloth bag (with cloth handle) for each child ).
Place the golf ball in an equal distance position in the backyard, in a straight or tortuous way.
The children will squat on the starting line and jump over the golf ball like a frog.
When they get to golf, they can stand up and put the ball in a fabric bag hanging on their wrists.
The more golf a person can collect, the better.
Mark the route of this activity and place various items or objects in different locations of the course.
The child should cycle through the collection of items as much as possible and put them in the basket.
The rule to keep in mind is that children should not leave the bike at any time.
In order to pick up the item, the child must cycle to the side of the object, then bend and pick it up.
People can make it more difficult by changing the bike path.
Tie a strong rope from one tree to another, or any support you can find.
You want to tie it so that the height of the rope is about one to foot above the child\'s head.
Tie bagels on this horizontal line so that bagels hang on a rope like Christmas decorations.
The child must stand in front of the bread circle, put his hands behind him, and chew the three on the bread circle.
Buy small bagels and increase the difficulty level.
Put the orange on the ground near the starting line.
The children will kneel on the ground and put their hands behind them.
They can only move oranges with their noses until the finish line.
If you have some old mats or pillows in the attic, please take them down for the event.
At this station, you need to place two or three rows of cushions or pillows adjacent to each other.
The children should climb over the mat and get to the other side.
The station activities include balloons.
The table should be completely obscured by the bouncing balloons that are strung together. For a 3-by-
6 feet tables, about 100 balloons.
Use yarn and tape to place the balloon firmly on the top, bottom and four legs of the table.
Wrap the legs of the table with foam padding.
Let the children climb into the sea of balloons (under the table) and come out from the other side.
Place the bricks not far from each other so that the child can jump from brick to brick.
Make the course in a zigzag way.
Let this brick line lead the next challenge in the obstacle race.
If you manage to get the blocks, you can place them in place of the bricks. Use the above-
Mention the idea of obstacle courses as a guideline and you can come up with more obstacle course games.
The difficulty of the child disorder course may vary depending on the age group, the number and ability of the child.
After deciding on the number of sites suitable for the number of children attending, it should be ensured that the activity at the initial site is simpler and the difficulty of each site is increasing.
If the number of children involved is large, they can be divided into groups.
With the help of stop watch, you can record the time when each group completes the feat.
Award-winning children or teams can receive certificates or prizes to increase excitement.
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