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one dead, 30 hurt in water slide collapse

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
Concord, California (CNN)--
A popular amusement park in Northern California is still closed on Tuesday, the day before a teenager died of water skiing.
A girl, six of her high school classmates were seriously injured.
An accident Monday afternoon in the US water world injured at least 30 people, about 30 miles northeast of San Francisco. The students --
Senior in preschool
Graduation outing-
Ignoring the lifeguard\'s warning, trying to take 75-foot-
According to Steve Mayer, general manager of the water world, tall slides are together.
\"Our guards are out of control,\" he said of the big party of teenagers.
The water slides down.
The accident happened shortly after the park announced that Napa High school students visited the water world. -
According to the school, a total of about 120-
They should go home by bus.
According to Rick McCurley, vice president of Premier Park, at this point some of them rushed to the top of the slide
Companies with water world
Survivors say they try to break the school record for the total number of people on the slide when the slide shows.
Witnesses say people on the winding slide known as the Banzai Pipeline crashed on the ground when they collapsed.
The pool below is red due to blood.
Witnesses said the injured teenagers were screaming and crying for help.
\"At first, it was a very chaotic scene,\" said a police officer at the park . \".
\"This is chaotic,\" said another official . \".
One girl, a 17-year-
The old Napa student, who did not give his name, died of chest compression 45 minutes later.
The injured were taken by helicopter and ambulance to nine hospitals.
In a statement released late Monday, Premier Park defended its security record.
\"Safety is our top priority.
According to what we know at the moment, we think this slide is safe . \"
Concord police station
Jim Jennings said city officials will conduct an investigation on the spot.
Before the incident, he said, the police did not know there were any safety issues in the park.
Reuters contributed to the report.
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