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opening of world\'s tallest water slide delayed

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
Roast chicken breast. (AP)—
Nearly half the time in the book, a water park in Kansas has been forced to postpone the opening of the world\'s tallest water slide for the third time, and has yet to set a new date for its debut.
Shlitterbarn water park in Kansas City announced on Thursday that,story, 168-foot-
The tall water slide will not open as scheduled on Sunday.
The press release from the park did not state the reason for the latest delay, although earlier this week two media preview days were canceled due to a transport system 100 issue
Push the raft to the top of the slide.
In Germany, Verruckt means \"crazy\" and was certified by Guinness World Records as the world\'s tallest water slide in April.
Slide four riders-
The raft plummeted at a speed of 60 miles to 70 miles per hour.
For further testing, the initial opening date of the ride was postponed from May 23 to June 5 and then again to June 29.
Schlitterbahn spokesman Winter Prosapio said earlier this week that park officials will not hesitate to postpone operations again, no matter how long it will take to ensure the safety of the slide.
\"When the slides are not ready yet, we get embarrassed before putting someone into the slides,\" she said . \".
In a news article related to a press release announcing the latest delay, Schlitterbahn co-
Owner Jeff Henry told USA Today that he and senior designer John Kucey had already calculated according to their calculations when designing the slide on the roller coaster, but that didn\'t translate well into something like
Henry said that in the early tests, the raft with sandbags flew off the slide, prompting engineers to remove half of the trip and reconfigure some angles for $1 million.
He said the slide test was carried out after dark to avoid the buzz of media helicopters in the park.
The Associated Press spoke to Henry via Prosapio on Friday morning, but hours later he did not respond to the request.
The opening ceremony on Sunday was scheduled for one-
The hour special event on the tour Channel called \"Xtreme water park\" records the design and architecture of Verruckt.
The show\'s promotional video includes footage of two men riding a raft in half a month.
The size test model of the slide, when it climbs to the top of the first mountain, will drop slightly.
Henry told USA Today that while schliteba is a family water park, fluck is not a family tour.
\"This is for the people in the world who are looking for excitement and people go into extreme adventure,\" he said . \".
Schlitterbahn\'s season starts in May 23 and the park will open every day from August.
According to the park\'s website, after 17, it will open for another two weekends before the end of the season. Keywords:BC-US--Tallest Slide-Delay,3rd Ld-
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