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organisers questioned over taiwan water park inferno

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-30
At an amusement park in Taiwan, a fire suddenly swept through the crowd, injuring hundreds of people and detaining organizers for questioning.
When the colored powder is placed on the audience from the stage, the fire begins.
Authorities have lowered the number of injuries to 524 from the previous 498.
The video shows people panicked, screaming, and inflatable water toys used as stretchers.
Health officials say about 202 people are still injured and the situation is serious.
Officials say many of the victims appear to be in their 20 s or younger.
Some of them breathe in powder, causing breathing problems.
The water park outside the capital Taipei has been closed, so-
When investigating the cause of the Hell\'s gains, the so-called color party has been banned.
Lu Zhong, activity manager-
Chi and several staff members were detained by police on Sunday and prosecutors were questioning them.
In Taiwan News, Lu was photographed in handcuffs and his hands were in a prayer position.
The news site said he had apologized for what had happened and promised to be responsible for it.
The video of the incident showed that a party was in full swing when the fire broke out suddenly.
A slightly injured male student said it was \"hell\", AFP reported \".
\"Blood is everywhere, including in the pool, where many injured people soak to relieve the pain.
\"I see a lot of people whose skin is gone,\" added his girlfriend . \"
The fire was soon under control.
The fire department said that the powder used to create a party atmosphere may be ignited by heat or mechanical sparks from the lights on the stage.
The substance is also used in other countries.
The BBC\'s Cindy Sui in Taipei says it is made of dry corn and is very flammable.
The new North municipal government\'s public health department said late Sunday that the number of injuries had been reduced because some people were counted twice after being transferred from one hospital to another.
Most of the injured were Taiwanese, seven from China and six from other countries.
The incident happened at about 20: 30 (12:30 GMT)on Saturday.
At that time, more than 1,000 people were near the stage.
As the temperature reached 36 degrees, many people flocked to the water park on Saturday. 6C (98F)
Up to 38C in Taipei and other parts of Taiwan.
Our reporter said that in the past few years, Taiwan has suffered a series of deadly fires, in part because of the poor implementation of building and fire safety regulations and illegal buildings.
Earlier this year, a fire killed six firefighters, prompting orders to rectify illegally built buildings and upgrade the equipment and training of firefighters.
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