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Outdoor Games for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-28
Looking for some really fun games for your kids?
We provide some examples to make it a lot of fun for preschool and kindergarten children.
Check it here. . .
This is an era in which children are very keen to play games and bring a lot of fun and entertainment.
Make them so interesting
Energetic activities will also bring you a feeling of happiness, make you have the urge to make friends, and also let you learn to cooperate with each other.
Games are often simple so that children can understand and play them with absolute excitement.
In addition to the fun part, playing outdoor games is also a necessary condition to keep their bodies active.
We provide you with a list of games in this article, which you can choose when organizing outdoor games.
The games explained in the upcoming section are easy to organize and do not require much preparation in advance.
You can arrange games like this in the backyard or while traveling with a group of kids. Have a look.
This is a very popular game among children.
Let them form a circle and then you choose \'den \".
\"\'Den\" is a person who pursues children in order to catch children.
There are different ways to choose a study.
You can start counting numbers, and kids who end up with numbers will be chasers.
To make it more interesting, try different types of abracadabra or nursery rhymes to decide the study.
The child caught by the study began the next chase.
The fun they get in running and chasing is worth watching.
Both preschool and kindergarten kids love racing very much, especially when they are rewarded.
Some of the most enjoyable racing games include the jump race and the Chocolate Race.
The jumping competition imitates the way the frog jumps.
Draw separate lines from where they have to start and finish the game.
Ask them to sit down and jump in order to get to their destination.
I\'m sure you laugh when you see kids jumping like frogs.
You need to hang a piece of chocolate on the rope while playing the chocolate race.
The children must reach that particular point, eat the chocolate on the rope without using their hands, and then run to the end.
Are you ready for the game?
So, blow the whistle!
One of the best outdoor games for preschool and kindergarten children is treasure hunt.
All you need to do is search for \"hunting items \".
When a group of children gather at your home during their birthday and other ceremonies, you can arrange this game in the backyard.
List the items they need to look for and explain the rules in simple terms.
Dolls, stickers, cartoons, letters, baby creams, etc.
Are some items that they can easily identify when playing games.
Scatter items on the ground and set a time limit for the game.
The children who collected the most things won the competition.
Treasure Hunt is a very interesting game, which has cultivated their observation to a large extent.
Almost everyone knows how appealing the game is.
Let them sit down in the form of a circle and write down the activity (E. G. g.
Dancing, reciting poems, stories, singing, etc.
They must perform with small pieces of paper.
Use plush toys as packages and ask them to deliver at the beginning of the music.
Suddenly Stop the Music, the child who received the package must pick up a piece of paper and perform according to the instructions provided.
The game becomes fun when their natural skills and talents are shown.
Not only did the children like the game, but everyone around them was amused by the game.
Kids of this age may be the biggest fans of comics, cartoons and animated movies.
Everything related to the characters left a deep impression in their minds, their names on the tip of the tongue.
So why not use this as the theme of the guessing game?
Make up two groups and explain to them how to play.
Each child must develop content related to the character, program or movie, as suggested by the opponent group.
Keep the rules simple and give them a certain hint to make them prompt when answering.
When they start to perform the task in their childish way, the fun begins.
On top of that, you can arrange a few other games including: \"statue\" or \"freeze\" games, \"catch fish\" and \"tug of war \".
When the game is well organized and executed skillfully, the children have a good time.
Even if you don\'t find a regular opportunity to play this game with your peers, you can take them to a nearby amusement park.
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