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Outdoor Games for Small Groups

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-28
Outdoor games play an important role in our life.
However, it becomes quite difficult to plan such a game for a small group because there are very few players.
This article provides some fascinating ideas for small groups about outdoor games.
Outdoor games play a vital role in the development of the whole body and mind.
Given today\'s fast-paced life, the nature of work has completely changed.
Computer-centric work hardly allows extensive physical movement.
Because of this mechanical routine, somewhere we feel the need to experience the change and relaxation of the activity.
This expected change can be obtained from picnics and outdoor parties.
Outdoor games provide fun and enjoyment for each age group during picnics and outdoor parties.
In addition to fun and enjoyment, these games bring people together (if adults) to develop healthy relationships with each other.
Especially for children, it is very important to organize these activities because it helps them develop in an all-round way.
Because, for kids, the game means fun, so the game has to be simple and well planned.
They should not pay too much attention to power, they should be a large number, because it is easy for children to get tired of the same.
There are even outdoor games designed for the elderly, taking into account their age, health and physical strength.
There can be a variety of games for young people to release their repressed emotions. up energy.
You can imagine outdoor games in every age group.
The pool is the perfect place for adults to use water guns to fight water battles.
Player sharing (6-
8) divided into two groups.
Each player will wear a round ring on the head and a paper ring on the front.
Everyone will try to shoot the opponent\'s ring from the water gun while saving his/her own ring, thus tearing the opponent\'s ring apart.
The team that saved the biggest ring won.
Can play a simple version of this game.
A child must stand still and wear an apple on his head.
His opponent sprayed water on the Apple with a water gun.
Teams with more hits won.
Most of us played this game in childhood.
It does not need any equipment, can be in 6-7 players.
The searcher calculates certain pre-determined numbers by the team.
Before time, other players hide in different places around them, and The Seekers must find them all.
The first person caught became the seeker for the next round.
Children, teenagers and adults can also play this game.
It takes a volleyball or a ball of size to play this game.
Let\'s say we have six players, one of whom is in a circle of others.
The players who make up the circle try to hit the interior with the ball and try to dodge the ball.
After being hit, the insiders are released and should join those who form circles.
The players who scored got the chance to dodge the ball.
Teenagers, adults and even children can play this game.
This game requires at least 5 players and a music system.
The music player is operated by one person.
All participants should dance in the craziest way they can until the music rings.
When the music stops, all people should freeze in any position they are in.
It\'s fun to watch them in interesting poses.
The person who moved before he or she was allowed lost the game.
The game lasts until only one player is the winner of the game.
Sack racing is easy to play with and requires very few players.
Sacks are the equipment needed to play this game.
Arrange the competition course.
Let the players enter the sack and let them stand on the starting line.
Players must jump to reach the finish line.
This can lead to very interesting situations where players jump and trip each other.
Be careful, as someone may fall and get hurt while jumping.
Children, adults and teenagers can enjoy the game.
This game is for 2-4 people.
It needs a field with a net.
Old people, adults and young people can play.
While this requires some skills, players can easily change the rhythm of the game to suit them.
It provides good exercise for the body.
It was a game of two players.
Notebooks and bricks are the items needed for the game.
Let\'s name the partners P1 and p2.
P1 must keep a notebook on his/her head.
He/she has to walk to the finish line on the bricks that P2 will place at each step.
P1 do not let his feet touch the ground.
The first player to reach the finish line, not to drop the book, not to touch the ground won the game for his/her team.
This game is the best for adults and young people.
Run and find 5 different. . .
The number of players required for this game is 5-6.
A player will name a color, such as red.
Next moment, other players should find 5 of these colors in a specific area.
These things can be leaves, paper or pebbles.
The things collected should be collected strictly from the outdoor area.
Players who first came back with 5 specific colors won the game.
You can also use other features of an object or object, such as a specific size or shape, rather than color.
This game can be played by children, however, be careful that they do not enter any dangerous areas.
Sometimes going to school, university, office or managing a house can make us feel stressed, depressed, tired, etc.
If we try, we can still regain or restore our sunshine nature and have fun with it.
All we have to do is use a weekend to organize a party and play different outdoor games.
In addition to making us fun and fun, outdoor games keep us healthy and refreshed during the upcoming hard activities.
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