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outdoors 2013: obstacle course racing offers athletes unique physical and mental challenges

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
Obstacle course runners start on their feet, but end up in their stomachs, on both sides of their bodies, and even on their backs, on nets they turn over mud, containers, made of broken ropes
The most spiritual people will choose some classes where they have to jump from the big platform into the water, through the fire, and even climb when the charged wires knock them out of it
It sounds like funOK, and the burning and shocking may not be everyone\'s, but not all the obstacle course competitions are so intense.
Most people are full of challenges but not painful obstacles, providing good tests of strength, endurance and mental resilience in an interesting way, and demanding as high as competitors want
For those who cross the finish line, can\'tbelieve-I-just-did-
This reward is usually worth all the pain.
\"It challenges your heart, challenges your muscles, challenges your spirit,\" said Michael Sandercock, founder of Obstacleracers . \". com.
\"It\'s a good feeling for people to start wondering if you can overcome everything and go beyond what you think is the limit.
\"Since the emergence of civilized society, the obstacle course competition has almost begun;
The ancient Greeks held a game called the stadium, where the runners ran naked around a runway full of obstacles.
The stadium was part of five Olympic Games and five obstacle races --with clothes —
For centuries.
These competitions have also become the main content of military training, and all kinds of movements are perfectly combined to prepare the troops for the many challenges they may face on the battlefield.
The current trend in obstacle racing began a few years ago when elite athletes began to look for new challenges,
Pain for a long time
The cost of running or triathlon.
The Sparta competition, created in 2005 by seven Superathletes and a member of the Royal Marine Corps, was one of the first major obstacle course competitions, followed by the Warriors sprint and the tough mud race.
Now, there are more than 50 games and series around the United States, from difficult, fireand-
Entertainment type-
Reclining, like running 5 k in your life, participants are chased by zombies.
\"In the past three years or so, it really took off . \"
The owner of an activity called the survival contest, author of the obstacle contest training Bible (Alpha, 2012).
\"I think we are reaching the critical mass and there are games everywhere.
Obstacle course competitions are based on the same basic principles
Test the limits of your competitors in a unique way
However, the distance and types of obstacles are varied.
A lot of people, like survival races and warrior sprints, are more family-
Face-to-face, shorter distance and less penalty for obstacles, such as climbing walls and cargo nets, crossing mud pits, climbing containers and crossing containers
Sometimes there is a net in the middle.
Go through the tires like future professional football players in the NFL combo.
There are often live bands playing all day, food and equipment vendors, and sometimes even drinking beer with other competitors after the game.
Difficult obstacle courses run further and more obstacles, such as climbing ropes, carrying heavy objects such as tires and sandbags, and crawling under barbed wire.
The tough Mudd race can be said to be the most difficult of the genre, with up to 25 hurdles on the course covering 10 miles or more, including a head into a bin full of ice water, and Sprint in the fire.
The series has held more than 50 events in several countries, and there are also shocking obstacles: hanging up to 10,000 volts of live wires in tunnels that runners must pass through, crawling in cold water, there are more live wires on it.
But even some of the toughest games have a range of distances and challenges.
The Sparta series, which has more than 30 games in Canada and the United States this year, consists of four distances, from three miles to 26 miles, and many others include shorter versions and children running.
Of course, there\'s always some athletes who want to have the buff challenge, so for them, the Spartan Death Race lasted 48 hours, the hardest mud in the world, the invitation --
Only 24 hours.
Sandercock said: \"Depending on your athletic ability, you can choose these games and you can almost find something that suits your current position . \" A mechanical engineer in Milwaukee created his website to help other obstacle drivers track the upcoming race.
Regardless of the distance or difficulty of the obstacle, these games require a considerable degree of physical fitness.
Welpiger has been a personal trainer for more than 20 years to prepare his clients for the game, and training is more time-oriented than a certain number of repetitions.
He turns the training to the sport they need during the game, like building the upperbody strength (to climb ropes)
, Including the plane motion of dragging the lower body (
Mud pit crawling)
Run and Walk on steep hills.
Sandercock, who is training in triathlon, focuses on running, because obstacles are often scattered, cross-training, working in aerobic exercise and strength, in this way, his energy will not be consumed by more difficult obstacles.
\"It\'s not easy,\" said villepig, who lives in the Northeast harbor of New York. Y.
And created more than 20 fitness-related books.
\"The people we played in Dallas last weekend --
Very athletic.
He said, \"Man, I didn\'t expect it to be that hard.
But it depends on how hard they want to do it.
\"Pain is worth it.
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