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outdoors; modern inflatables are rugged boats

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
Nelson Bryan Juni 1987 This is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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Maybe it\'s because I grew up on the coast in an era when Wood was a basic building material for small ships, and I \'ve been slowly realizing the best inflatable boats today --
Whether it\'s a small boat, raft, kayak or a large seaplane driven by an out-of-ship or in-ship engine --
It is tough, safe and suitable for sailing, and sometimes more suitable for specific roles than traditional peers.
Inflation is not common in the northeast, where people usually see them in the form of yacht tenders, but in parts of the West and West Coast they are widely used to govern Rivers.
Average American anglers have little interest in inflatable toys.
Some resistance comes from the fear that the ship may easily be punctured by a hook, knife, or obstacle.
This can happen, but it is not possible to do it in the best way and multiple airbags will prevent them from sinking.
Those who have any questions about really tough inflatable products, just take a few minutes to watch TV adventure shows, in which, wild rivers around the world are operated by men and women using inflatable rafts or inflatable boats, which are not handled by ordinary vessels
Other advantages of inflatable include light weight, its stability is relatively high regardless of size, and the space needed to store it is also very small.
Inflatable rafts or boats are also ideal-
Because it\'s easy to get in and out-
For skin or scuba diving, and for those who encounter rock conflicts when running white water in an inflatable kayak, please note that this craft is just wrapping around obstacles and will not usually be damaged. A first-
Inflation speed will not last as long as it is rigid
Wooden, aluminum, or plastic hull ships in the space age, but with an average life span of at least 10 years.
Objections to the inflatable runway cannot be resolved and have nothing to do with airworthiness or durability.
Inflatable is an aesthetic fear for anyone who likes classic dinghy, but for fiberglass as well
Black bass fishermen often use speed monsters. (
If you are entertaining a concept about buying inflatable toys, forget it when you are fishing at any reservoir in New York City;
They are not allowed. )
There is special durability and special inflatable for so-
Known as the industrial market, it includes rescue units, offshore oil drilling companies, dredging contractors and outsourcing companies.
An American company, Demaree Inflatable boat in Friendsville, Maryland.
This is a notable example.
Demaree Inflatable material is made of heavy nylon cloth coated with neoprene.
* Inflatable line low end ads are cheap single
Layered PVC (PVC)
Boats that people can fiddle with in farm ponds.
An example of this is Sevylor (
Sevylor is associated with the zodiac)14-
The two little men may cramp the \"boat \".
It\'s been sold recently.
Equipped with pump, \"oar\" and electric rotary motor
Just over $100.
The larger, more robust leisure craft of the zodiac is 7 to 18 feet long, and the largest model costs about $8,000.
Advertising foreign companies have a large share of the market for certain inflatable products in the country, most notably parkour and yacht tenders.
These companies include Avon (Britain), Achilles (Japan), Zodiac (France)
Seahawks and norvarania (both Italy).
The industry is labor-intensive.
This is changing, though.
Higher wages in this country make it difficult for American manufacturers to successfully challenge their overseas competition.
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Nevertheless, several American companies still occupy a special position in the market.
For example, one cannot find any boat built by the Demaree Inflatable boat in a retail store, but it is likely that one will lease a sturdy inflatable kayak from the white water, or take its giant kayak 33.
Foot Bridge Boat
Run by an equipment worker
Walk down the Grand Canyon
The Demaree ship was built to withstand heavy blows and was expensive.
The company\'s Kayaks cost about $600 each and are one of its largest multiple kayaks
The chamber float, which is more than 30 feet long and about $27,000 long.
The company will also customizemade craft.
The Malawi company in Boise, Idaho is making a first-class river raft with PVC-coated polyester fabric cores.
Grant Pass, Ore.
It is home to two other inflatable manufacturers in the country: White Water Mfg.
And outdoor research and development. The first-
Naming focuses on rugged, selfbailing white-
Water rafts and other rafts on kayaks.
Glenn Lewis man of whitewater said his company\'s raft \"could be twice the tear strength and puncture resistance of foreign rafts \".
These materials are made of various thermoplastic and polyester or nylon fabrics.
The company has built 10 to 30 feet long rafts, about half sold to private users and half sold to clothing manufacturers.
Greg Ramp of R & R says most of his kayaks are made by himselfbailing.
Although the R & R has a dozen standard models, it also produces custom processes where the workload allows.
R & R now sells about £ 25% to outfitters and the rest to individual users, Ramp said.
Prices for standard models range from $600 to $1,000.
* The address and phone number of the above US company can be obtained by writing to US companyS.
Inflatable Boat Manufacturers Association, 1800 K Street, 1000 suites, Washington, D. C. C. 2006;
For those foreign companies, write about the American Inflatable Boat Association, the National Association of Marine manufacturers, 353 Lexington Avenue, New York, 10016 New York.
The only inflatable I have is one-
The men\'s raft, weighing less than 3 pounds, I used it while fishing at a remote trout pond in New Hampshire.
The company that produced it, the American security company, but its improved and lighter version-
20 oz polyurethane-
Nylon taffeta coating
Now manufactured by Wash Designs, it is located at 13132 Lane 70 northeast of Kirkland, Washington state. 98034.
It can be obtained from them, or it can be carried in advance by an outdoor equipment specialist (715)345-2770.
A version of this article was printed on page 5005006 of the National edition on June 14, 1987 with the title: Outdoor;
Modern inflatable toys are sturdy boats.
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