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pair held over death of ava-may littleboy, 3, who was thrown from inflatable trampoline

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
A man and a woman were arrested for Ava\'s death.
The three-year-old boy was thrown off an inflatable trampoline on Norfolk beach.
The 40-year-old couple, from the Greater Yarmouth area, were detained on suspicion of gross manslaughter following the incident on Sunday, July 1.
Police say they will be questioned at the Grand Yarmouth station. Ava-
May from Suffolk was playing with an inflatable trampoline in the lower square of gorston.
She died in hospital with a head injury.
When witnesses said they heard a \"bang\" and \"apparently exploded\", the little girl was the only one to be attracted.
Sarah Arad on the beach said
May was thrown 20 feet into the air.
She said a lifeguard had a 15-minute CPR before the arrival of the medical staff.
On a particularly busy day, two inflators were installed on the beach, with temperatures exceeding 21C on weekends.
Ambulance services in eastern England say they have received more than a dozen phone calls about autumn. Ava-
Mei\'s family said after her death: \"She is not your regular little girl and anyone she meets will leave her a lasting impression.
\"Anyone who meets her does not want to forget her.
Her infectious laughter and smile can even light up the darkest room.
\"The hanpshire borough council of harvette and the inflatable toys on the land after AvaMay\'s death.
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