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paradise found? aircraft hangar is home to europe\'s biggest water park complete with beaches, lagoons and even a tropical rainforest

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
The appearance of this abandoned aircraft hangar is unlikely to appear on any holiday postcard, but the appearance may be deceptive.
The huge dome is a water park of eight football fields with its own beaches, lagoons and rainforest.
Tropical island resort is the largest free hotel
There is a Hall of 66,000 square meters in the world. the height of the Statue of Liberty can be accommodated.
Located in Krausnick, near Berlin, the water park is known as offering visitors all the elements of a tropical resort in central Europe.
The huge hangar once owned the Zeppelin, but its owner went bankrupt in 1992 and the building was in disrepair.
Ten years ago, it was transformed into an indoor paradise by a Malaysian company.
Indoors, the temperature is always a pleasant 26C, which means that attractions can accommodate the world\'s largest indoor rainforest, as well as swimming pools, beaches and huge water slides.
Among them is the highest water slide tower in Germany, which is located in a dizzying place.
27 metres high.
Up to 700 people per hour
The stainless steel slide of the meter is in 112-
The meter crazy River steel pipe slide then reaches the highest speed of 70 kilometers on the power turbine slide.
There is an indoor rainforest in the resort
There are 50,000 kilometers of sidewalks and 600 kinds of plants, of which there are different kinds of plants.
The complex also offers bars, saunas, lagoons and caves for 6,000 visitors, 522 beds in various rooms and cabins, and hundreds of tents.
There are 400 sun loungers available on the world\'s largest indoor beach for guests, although they cannot absorb real tropical light, at least they can be sure that it won\'t rain.
At the Bali Lagoon swimming pool, swimmers can enjoy the water temperature of 32 degrees Celsius when surrounded by palm trees, Bali huts and even waterfalls.
The park also has the largest tropical spa and sauna center in Europe, covering an area of over 10,000 square meters.
Six different treatment areas are designed according to different cultural sites, including the proportional model elephant temple of India\'s original Temple and the world-based Angkor Wat Temple
A famous temple complex in Cambodia.
At the same time, the jungle village is located on stilts 5 metres from the ground, with a variety of sauna and steam baths.
Some tourists on TripAdvisor say the resort is perfect for winter trips and is ideal for entertaining children, while others complain about high prices, long queues and lack of sunbeds.
Lavita wrote: \"This island is a great place --
It feels like a real tropical island with a lot of things to do, wrote henrikragh: \"Lovely Bath, cool action, good temperature, unique location and environment.
However, other customers are not so satisfied.
Borszczuk wrote: \"The place was a bit crowded after a day visit during the National Day --
Forget to find a free sunbeds and find free places on the beach.
Overall, this place is perfect for kids.
Adults are likely to feel OK, but boring.
Visvakumar warned: \"There is a naked dress code in the sauna area of the park. So be prepared!
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