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pascoe vale bungalow’s odd feature inspires buyers to scale lofty entertainment heights

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-07
32 Greenwood Street, south of Pasco Vale, includes a spectacular climbing wall.
Source: The subpplieda refurbished bungalow in the south of Pasco Vale hides an unusual feature that could bring buyers to an amazing new height. The four-
The bedroom house at 32 Greenwood Street is similar to the California bungalow on the street, but once you get to the backyard you will see a climbing wall behind the house, which is of interest to potential buyers.
MORE: The police called when the woman tried to destroy the auction. The auction \"has everything\" for $888, $88 and $12\"
There is enough space and style in the planned living area and kitchen.
Source: SuppliedBelieved is considered to be more than 6 m high, and Peter Leahy, the listing agent of Peter Leahy Coburg, even shocked the listing agent. “It’s amazing —
\"I have never seen a house with climbing walls,\" he said . \".
\"After we posted it on Facebook, it was well received by the public and there was a lot of chat online.
\"We also have a lot of family --
Because it is so unique, look at it for buyers. ”The open-
The planned area flows to the deck.
Source: according to the four-
Former vendors of bedroom homes are keen on rock climbing, and they built walls while renovating bungalows.
The towering walls and their pointed roofs are an added attraction for the current owners who bought the house in 2015.
\"The basis of their purchase of the House is that it is unique and it is a family home,\" Mr Leahy said . \".
\"They also made the most of the wall and used it at the party.
\"Of course, you also need someone who knows what you do in rock climbing.
Andrew Winter: how to show off your unique selling point bathroom with bright blue mosiac tiles.
Source: in addition to the rock climbing function, the house has a spacious open space
Plan the area and side deck, bathroom with bright blue mosiac tiles and den corner.
Located in Strathmore Middle School, the hotel also offers a refrigerator and a flat-screen TV.
Mr. Leahy said the climbing wall was a bonus for a house that had already provided so many styles and great locations, but don\'t expect him to climb the wall to auction the house.
The price of the house is $1. 2 million-$1.
3 million, two o\'clock P. M. to be auctioned Saturday, June 30, two o\'clock P. M.
Suburban profile: asOff, originally published by pascoe vale south-the-
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