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‘pedophile bounce house worker made child jump up and down on inflatable while he took photos’

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-21
A pedophile suspect told a child that she had scratches and needed band aids-and then harassed her at the bounce house, police said.
18-year-old Tavi Benelli reportedly targeted the young man at his indoor bounce house facility in Belmont, California, where he works.
Benelli approached the girl who was cheering for a private party with her nanny and told her to go with him so he could find something to cover up the wound.
According to the report, Benelli then told the girl to stand against him with her back, and when he took pictures on his mobile phone, he jumped down on the bounce house.
When the police said the young man under the age of 10 asked Benet what he was doing, he told her to turn around.
According to court documents, the so-called predator then told the girl that there was a dead bug on her ass and brushed it off.
After that, the child left the room, told her nanny what had happened and asked her to call the police.
By that time, Benelli had left.
After he was summoned back to deflate the phone and asked to hand it over, he allegedly tried to remove the photo from the phone.
Prosecutors say the sheriff\'s deputy found a photo of the young man in his \"deleted items\" folder.
Benelli denied indecent acts with children, owned child pornography, and used minor sexual gratification at a court hearing on Tuesday, as well as light attempts to undermine evidence and child sexual annoyance
His bail was set at $350,000 and Benelli will return to court on April 15.
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