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phillip schofield rushes over to shield love island’s tyne-lexy as she goes flying off a water slide on this morning

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
Philip Scofield rushed over to protect Tyne of Love Island-
Lexy Clarson flew off the water slide in a thin swimsuit.
Aido refused to peel off into some light swimwear as the boys competed on the world\'s largest inflatable water slide this morning.
Holly and Phil recruited Ian Stirling, the Love Island voiceover guy, to comment on the game with hilarious results.
When Craig walked down the slide, he quipped: \"The Craig slide was like he slipped into the Camillas DMs \".
The boys ended up beating the girls, but as Tyne-
With the help of Chyna, Lexy tried to get off the slide and she flew out.
Phil saw the girls.
Wearing an exposed swimsuit
Slide onto one of the cushions and rush over and yell, \"cover up your modesty!
Holly was also startled and shouted, \"Are you all right ? \"
\"When the girls go back to the group.
The girls quickly jumped up, brushed themselves and joined others as Danielle Cyrus, wearing a red swimsuit in the Baywatch style, was almost exposed too much.
The audience thought it was \"the most interesting moment ever \".
At the same time, other Eagles
Fans of the eyes noticed a faux pas because before they jumped onto the slide, Chyna was spotted flipping the bird over to Craig in the background.
\"I saw the middle finger stuck this morning,\" someone wrote . \".
The other person said, \"Did I see something, or did one of them just give the middle finger to a normal person on TV? ThisMorning\".
Meanwhile, according to reports today, island owners are planning to introduce lesbian couples to spice up in the final weeks of the show.
Mike tallasitis and Sam Goran both stared at Tyra Carr and Georgia Harrison when they returned to the Villa last night. Got a story?
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