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photos give an inside look into a creepy, abandoned disney water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
A photographer was banned from Disney Park after taking photos of an abandoned water park on Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
He told several media outlets to reveal the dark side of the big company.
Seph Lawless follows the theme of taking photos of past places and becomes famous in the world of photography lovers, who has a new gallery called \"Dismaland.
\"It conducted an internal observation of the closed Disney water park\" River Township \", which has been closed since 2001.
Multiple news sites cite various reasons and rumors surrounding the park\'s mysterious 2001 closure.
It was reported that the park initially closed the gate in 2001, but later decided to close it permanently in 2005.
2012, about three hours away from the park, reported that the river state was closed on September 2001, \"in part because the new Florida law prohibits the use of natural water bodies and the use of water parks requires chlorine disinfection, only municipal water supply is required.
Request from MySA.
There was no immediate response to the clarification on the subject to Disney World Communications.
The Bay Lake worker, where the property is located, told the criminals that after years of pollution by boats and fireworks, the water was too dangerous to swim.
Lawless told the site that even fish caught from the area should not be eaten.
The lonely Park used to have four waterslides, a Sandy Lake, a white rapids and a pipe River.
Weeds and rubbish now fill the pool where families once enjoyed their holidays.
\"Creepy banjo music\" is reported to still be played around the country at times.
\"It feels like a creepy reality in an abandoned Park --
Life Disney ride, \"said an interview with the lawless American news aggregation website.
\"This is surreal, very beautiful.
\"Lawless\'s motivation to sneak into the hotel and take pictures using a robotic drone is driven by something deeper than showing people something creepy.
He told the Daily Mail that he \"wanted his job to make people aware of the problem that big companies like Disney didn\'t clean up what they left behind.
In a recent article, he pre-warned about the disclosure of additional information.
\"So Disney is upset with me, but why is it that whenever someone is too close to the abandoned Disney island, they are so upset, what are you hiding from Disney,\" he said . \".
\"Continue to focus on the strange and quirky Disney plot.
\"Keep up with the work of the law through his work.
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