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pictured: boy, 5, whose body was found in water park by child looking for his goggles

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
Charlie Dunn went to Bosworth Water Park yesterday with his 28-year-old mom, Linsey Dunn, missing near the beach and paddle area
Father Paul Smith, 35
His body was an 11-year-
Old boy onceThe five-year-
Old was taken to University Hospitals in Coventry and Warwickshire, but was later pronounced dead, two were arrested in connection with the incident, and police asked others not to speculate about his death. Charlie’s step-
The 50-year-old grandmother Sharon Robinson, a caregiver at Tamworth, said she was \"shocked\" by what happened \".
\"He is a lovely boy and a typical five-child,\" she said . \"year-old.
He\'s funny, cheeky and cute.
He used to give me a hug and asked me to help him with his homework.
He likes his homework and his school report is wonderful.
Sharon said Charlie had been in the water park for the first weekend of the school holiday and had been there many times before.
She added: \"They just loaded the car back and Charlie asked his dad if he could go to the park.
The last sentence Paul said to him was \"Yes, you can go to the park, but we are going home soon . \"
\"The park is within their sight, so they can watch him.
He decided to go into the water for some reason.
Paul called him back, she said.
She added: \"Paul started to panic and went to the park, but Charlie wasn\'t there.
He ran back into the car when he saw a little boy pulled out of the water.
He knew it was Charlie because he was wearing shorts.
Sharon said she was shopping at Morrison when Paul called to tell her what was going on.
She said Charlie underwent CPR at the scene, but later died in the hospital.
A Leicester police spokesman said: \"We will ask people not to speculate about the incident and the death and let the authorities investigate.
Officials asked anyone who witnessed the incident or those who had footage in the park around the Blue Lagoon Beach to call 101, citing the 440 incident on July 23.
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