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Pied Piper of the Swing Set / Architect, kids design Berkeley playground

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
Robert lethers, a world-famous architect from Ithaca, USA.Y.Working with students at Berkeley Washington Elementary School, a fantasy playground was planned for the city\'s water park.Photo of The Chronicles of world-famous architect Mike Capka lethers from Ithaca, USAY.Working with students at Berkeley Washington Elementary School, a fantasy playground was planned for the city\'s water park.When hundreds of Berkeley schoolchildren were asked to help a healthy child yesterdayThe famous architect designed a new playground in the water park of the city.\"Each of you is a playground expert,\" Robert lathers told students at Washington Elementary School .\".This is what they need to hear before their creativity is released.The most ambitious ideas include sliding into the Dragon stomach, the octopus pool, the underwater holographic scene and the Pokemon store, all items are free.The castle, pool and haunted house are also popular.Some children are not sure whether they are designing an amusement park or a community playground, and they are asking for roller coasters and water slides.The recommended swing, Monkey Bar and sandbox are more practical.Leather, architect from Ithaca, USAY.Known for his whimsical wooden game structureDesigned for communities across the country.Yesterday, at Washington Elementary School, leather walked from classroom to classroom, listened to the children\'s fantasies about the playground, and read their pencils carefully --and-Wax strokes.Meanwhile, one of his colleagues and several community volunteers conducted similar consultations with children at Berkeley art magnet, BlackPine circle and Varden school.Once described as \"Johnny appelwest of the swing\", when the children imagined their playground design, the leather men persuaded them to consider the wildlife and landscape of the water park.The playground will be built on grass overlooking the lagoon on the east side of the water park.The 100-Berkeley\'s largest acre park is located between the South Pacific Railway and Interstate 80 on the southwest edge of the city.Part of the reason is the remote location of the park, which has not been fully utilized in the past 20 years, except for rowing and flying golfers.Enthusiasts at Berkeley Park hope this will change after the playground is built next spring.As he sat in the school library and turned the children\'s ideas into paper with colored pencils, rulers and drawings, the leather teacher described his vision.The children will go through a maze of tunnels like moles and climb up the tree house in the shape of a egret or eagle.The twisted dragon slide will result in a climbing structure in the shape of a spider web.A big boat will sit on the beach.The moat around the castle.Jungle animals and other imaginary creatures will be scattered all over the place.\"Who do you think will build it?A group of kindergarten students and a third child asked:graders.\"You are.\" \"We are?Asked a girl who looked confused.\"What if we don\'t know how to build it?Asked another girl.\"We will teach you .\"Parents and Children volunteers will do something crazy when the architect will guide the planning and design processand-When five bolts workDaytime construction will take place next spring.Sponsored by the park\'s non-profit Berkeley partner, the playground is one of a range of improvements that will be made to the water park in the coming years.A pedestrian was also planned.The bicycle overpass connecting the park with the coastline is a soundproof wall that reduces highway noise and restores habitat.The playground, funded primarily by a $180,000 federal grant, will rely on donated tools, supplies and building materials.In order to raise extra funds, residents can sponsor wooden boards and crafts.Draw tiles in their name.Rita Kimball, president of Washington Elementary School, said her school seized the opportunity to hold a playground design day.The school, located near downtown Berkeley, has just received a national \"health start\" grant to help its multicultural families build community awareness, she said.\"This is a perfect project to bring people together,\" says Kimball .\".
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