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playground safety -

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
Decorated with the latest outdoor game equipment and structures, the playground is a great place for children to develop their athletic, cognitive and social skills.But sometimes, even if all their children\'s playground equipment meets and meets every safety standard, the playground can pose a risk to children.The children are coward.No matter what happens next, they do most things, even if it means putting themselves in trouble.
They are also naturally impulsive and naughty.They are always curious, always trying to find something new or interesting.Even on the playground, they sometimes hurt themselves inadvertently.
Every 150 seconds in the United States, a child is injured on the playground.Related activities.More than 200,000 children were taken to hospital,The damage of the connection, most of which is bad, falls on a hard surface, such as concrete, asphalt, or ground.Most of these injuries can be avoided if appropriate security and security restrictions are imposed.
But while children cannot practice safety measures, fortunately, their parents, guardians and those who make outdoor rides can practice safety measures.While it is a good idea to give children lectures on play and safety, children spend most of their time ignoring or forgetting these warnings and precautions in the spirit of entertainment.Constant supervision is the key for parents and guardians to keep their children away from harm.
Before the child is used, look for hazards, such as slippery spots on the trail, or check playground equipment or rides, just something parents and guardians can do, to prevent accidents or injuries to play on or near outdoor rides.For safety purposes, children\'s playground or any outdoor playground equipment must be equipped with the following: protective surfaces-bad falls are the most common accidents on the playground.To prevent or minimize damage, 12 inch of elastic and protective surface treatment materials such as rubber and sponges must be used for each outdoor playground equipment or amusement facility --like materials.
This protective surface treatment provides a buffer for any object falling from game structures such as swings, seesaw or monkey poles.Guardrail-failure of these protective railings on small bridges, sidewalks, platforms and ramps can lead to accidental falls.Guardrails and other protective barriers must also be attached to the play structure that rises from the ground.
Cameras-parents and guardians can\'t always keep an eye on their children, so the cameras on the playground are a useful sound supplement for safety and security.The design of the playground shall meet the spacing requirements of the children\'s playground equipment.In most cases, the playground is divided into two areas;A region of 0-5 years old (preschool) and 5-12 years old (school-age children).
A safe playground must have outdoor playground equipment and other amusement facilities with children\'s age grade labels.Playground equipment and other rides above 30 inch must be at least 9 feet away.For swing, the recommended seats for each bay are up to two and must be at least 24 inch apart from each other and at least 30 inch apart from the support frame.
The swings of Tots must have their own Bay.There are openings on some playground equipment that can trap children\'s heads;They can advance the foot, but the head will be stuck in a dangerous place.It is recommended that the gap designed by the manufacturer of children\'s amusement equipment in the product should be less than 3;Otherwise they should be 9 inch wide.
Metal is an excellent thermal conductor, and if exposed to the sun for too long, it can cause three degrees of burns when in contact.In sunny weather, children are not allowed to use outdoor playground equipment made of metal, such as metal slides, jungle gyms and monkey bars that are directly exposed to the sun.Metal-When there are signs of rust in the playground equipment or there are any twisted or protruding parts that can be cut or pierced, they shall not be used.
Maintenance and inspection must be carried out by playground management to ensure the safe use of all playground equipment and to ensure that children are protected from any preventable accidents.Although parental supervision is critical to the safety of children on the playground, teaching children to act responsibly remains a necessary condition for completing the safety equation.Parents should instill in their children the following: follow the instructions for labeling on each playground device;• Do not push or harass other children when using outdoor rides;Wear sneakers while playing to prevent slipping (depending on the playground equipment, children may be required to take off their shoes );Be patient while waiting to open any specific playground equipment.
The playground should be a place for children to relax, not a dangerous place.However, parents and guardians must be vigilant in order to prevent accidents
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