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playing pin the tail on the donkey just won\'t do

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When Chris Szarka held a party for her daughter\'s first birthday at her home in Denver, the guest list included goats, ponies, chickens, rabbits and pigs. Jennifer alsevermarch 2005. Ms.
Szarka paid $275 for the private pet zoo, part of a well-celebrated celebration by her daughter Morgan and about 60 celebrity class guests. Ms.
Szarka distributed cowboy hats full of barntoys toys and helped 20 children build their own stuffed horses.
A few years ago, the birthday was simple. Several children were playing in the backyard. Mom lit the candles on the cake.
Today, birthday parties are bigger and more complex than ever, and the guest list covers the entire preschool class with a price tag that could reach $1,000 or more.
And, as in life, do not exceed stress.
Jennifer negalia is a housewife in the affluent neighborhood of Randolph, New York. J.
, Worried that her own children would think their party was boring if she did not follow suit.
\"At this point, advertising is almost competitive,\" she said . \".
\"I don\'t want to see the benefits at the party.
But I think I have to have them at my party.
\"Lady advertising
When her daughter was 6 years old, Neglia spent $350 to attend a well-crafted tea party.
Her husband rented a tuxedo to serve 18 girls wearing white gloves, eating finger food, playing whisper games, decorating straw hats, making pearl bracelets,backed chair.
\"It may be more expensive than I want,\" she said . \".
\"But we had a good time.
\"It is difficult to quantify how big the birthday business is for suppliers, entertainment centers, and suppliers, because there is no organization that tracks the child\'s birthday industry.
But business seems to be hot. The once-
Chuck E in bankruptcy
In the past five years, cheese has opened about 30 restaurants a year, reaching 495, with sales of more than $0. 654 billion.
Walking distance restaurant-
Space for family dining and big parties.
Named competitors like Pump It and Monkey Bizness are opening warehouses and strip shops, with amenities including 5,000-square-
Areas for hiking and inflatable slides are provided.
But the definition of the game area is expanding.
Now, young people hold tea party celebrations at bed and breakfast inn and visit nail salon for makeup and nail party.
Hundreds of vendors rent inflatable castles with closed trampoline for backyard activities, and parents can hire ice cream sundae caterers, storytellers, magicians, professional photographers, snake hands and puppetry.
\"The market is exploding,\" Frank Price said . \" Price has a birthday University in Raleigh, New York. C.
He held a business seminar for birthday service providers nationwide.
Working parents with two incomes but less time can help push this trend.
Over the past three to four years, parents have doubled their party\'s budget, even though the economy has fallen. Price said.
\"Families and parents are looking for something unique and different that will leave a lasting memory for their children who are willing to spend almost any money to do it,\" he said . \".
Perhaps the most extravagant advertisement is the guest list.
Today\'s party can easily be expanded to 60 people with children, siblings and parents.
Some families invited the whole class, so none of the children felt left out.
Susan fegstrom is the mother of two children in Beaumont, Texas.
\"You don\'t want 40 kids at home,\" he said.
\"Many parents move the party to other places so they can enjoy it and they don\'t think \'I have to get the cake,\' or \'I need to clean it up,\' she said. \"\'Ms.
Fagerstrom said she and her two 5-year-old and 7-year-old daughters attended 20 parties in the past seven months.
\"I went to the party at the cinema, Chuck E.
\"Cheese, backyard with inflatable slides, makeup and accessories parties, mini golf parties, puppet show parties, tea party at home, roller skating and bowling parties,\" she said . \".
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A large number of invitations also means a large number of gifts, giving parents more pressure.
\"You want to send a beautiful gift,\" says Christine drikol, mother of ridgwood, New Jersey. J.
\"You have 20 children in a class.
You are invited to 20 parties and it is expensive for $20 a bottle. \"Ms.
Denver\'s Szarka admits she has topped her daughter\'s birthday and is now 4 and 3 years old.
For her youngest daughter\'s first birthday, she and her husband rented a clubhouse for $50, bought a machine for $200 to distribute marshmallows, hot dogs and popcorn, and a woman performing a little mermaid cost $250.
Another birthday.
Szarka hired a $100 facial painter for 20 guests and hired a tea party organizer for $300 so the kids can wear it
\"I like to make my kids feel special,\" she said . \"
\"It\'s one day of the year and all the focus is on them.
We spent a lot of money but we didn\'t buy so many toys and we only bought them once a year.
\"Advertising parents like women
Last spring, Szarka opened a birthday party center in Randolph called Glam Jam, which is clearly the idea of Charlotte Cassese.
For $300, parents can hold a party for 10 girls in the warehouse operation of Glam Jam, where guests can make homemade lotion, lip gloss and eye shadow.
Girls aged 6 and over can draw faces on boas and sunglasses and change to red-
Carpet Fashion ShowA big-
The screen TV shows their image on the carpet.
Parents can buy their own show videos before leaving the event.
\"You will be surprised at what people will do for their birthday party,\" Ms. Cassese said.
A mother wants to have a party for 40 children, but the limit for Graeme jam is 20.
So the woman held two parties. -
There are 20 children on a Saturday and 20 children the next day.
She spent about $1,200 in total.
In the past two years, the warehouse area around Graham jam has seen the rise of gymnastics centers, rock climbing centers, indoor football fields, and ice sports centers.
Skating Rink and two indoor play areas-
And often hold birthday parties.
\"This is a party place in Morris County,\" says Carl Lawrence, who is in the vicinity of 5,000-square-
There is a foot warehouse game area similar to McDonald\'s slides and equipment. Mr.
Lens, the father of three children, started the business three years ago and tried to open up other places through a franchise.
He says he holds about 600 parties a year, and charges an average of $400 per person.
During the week, parents use the warehouse as a game space for small groups or individual children.
But he\'s spending a lot. Mr.
Lens says he pays about $1,200 a month for insurance, while a game system costs $50,000 to $100,000.
Some families still prefer the elderly.
Old fashioned method.
Kristen Walker of Chicago, the mother of three children, celebrated her son\'s four-year-old birthday at home on last July.
The children play in the backyard without any organized games and entertainment.
\"We thought they would have a lot more fun in the yard and they did,\" she said . \".
\"I told my child that what you have is really great ---
Not necessarily better, but certainly as good as other people\'s parties.
I would rather spend $500 on a 529 college savings plan.
\"Fast-reading parents have a wide range of professional party planners to choose from.
Here\'s a sample: Dozens of families
Enterprises at headquarters provide clothes
Take clothes and clothes to the house.
Emily makes faith in Huntsville, Alabama
Up to five themes will be available for $150, including superhero costumes and evening dresses.
I was sick at Noah\'s Ark Animal workshop in Crestwood.
, There are sales reps all over the country who bring home supplies to help guests make their own stuffed animals.
Price: $13 to $32 per person.
The AZ Little Chef in Phoenix will send the party waitress home for $160 to help six guests decorate cookies or cakes or make pizza and two similar mealsbaked potatoes.
The New Generation Game Center offers inflatable or foam toys on which children can bounce, jump and slide.
A national enterprise called Pump It Up has 65 franchises to host parties for about $250.
American girls have a party at stores in New York and Chicago with a $32 birthday package per guest.
Girls can enjoy three
Dine with their dolls in the private dining area.
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It\'s not good to nail the tail on the donkey.
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