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Playing Summer, Jumping Out Excitement - Inflatable Trampoline Theme Park


Playing Summer, Jumping Out Excitement - Inflatable Trampoline Theme Park 



The colorful summer nurtures all kinds of excitement. Look, what kind of excitement will we collide with this time? Let's take a look together, let's not feel the heat of summer!

Trampoline it is a type of gymnastics, known as "aerial ballet", which is a competitive sport in which athletes use trampoline rebounds to perform acrobatic skills. It was listed as an official event at the 27th Sydney Olympics in 2000.


 Setting off, trampoline theme park


With full expectations, let's set off for the bungee skating theme park together!

Let's guess, which style of trampoline is our partner today?


Arrived, let's release together


Seeing such a big toy, who could resist the excitement

Extra large trampoline bed

Seeing the children on the trampoline like wild horses running wild, rushing towards them, jumping out of their own style on the trampoline, jumping and turning the world upside down!


Goodbye, trampoline slide


Good times are always so brief, and the children reluctantly ended this joyful journey. The children not only gained joy and happiness during this journey, but also gained exercise in their sports skills. With the help and guidance of parents, children boldly try and challenge themselves. Continuously exploring ways to play trampoline in the game, and not forgetting to protect oneself in the game, experiencing the joy of playing with peers.Everyone took photos to record this moment

Let's look forward to the next mysterious and joyful journey of inflatable toys

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