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playing with the spongebob square pants

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
SpongeBob Square trousers are one of the children\'s most popular cartoon characters.
Lovely, generous and friendly.
The child wants to play with it.
Now, we have designed a bounce house that is a big face of the square pants of SpongeBob on the wall.
Children may like it very much.
The entrance is a mesh wall with a zipper.
You can jump inside.
Sponge Baby square trousers printed on the back wall.
Bobgebob Square trousers are smiling happily towards the entrance.
Children can enter a happy state soon.
Thoughtful design.
Sometimes the big hole net catches the children\'s fingers.
Will hurt them.
If this happens, we provide a dense network of small holes.
We can have a good view and safety at the same time.
We make mats between the base and the wall.
The mat can play a good role in buffering the bounce.
Enhancing the strength of the bouncer can keep the bouncer for a long time and it won\'t be broken when the kids have fun.
In addition to designing the structure for safety, the material is also very important. We use the 0.
The 55mm pvc tarp is an inflatable bounce house.
This tarp has high tear strength and elasticity.
That\'s why it fits into the bounce house.
Since this product is designed for children, it is very important to have a high tear strength as some children scratch or tear the bouncer.
Safety is also essential for children.
We strengthened the 3 points of the entrance, so when the children jumped next to the entrance, the solid entrance wall protected them from jumping on the ground.
We consider not only the players but also the installer.
The Bodyguard is a spare gas tube.
It can install the blower in different directions.
After connecting the charging pipe to the blower system, you can blow up the bounce room.
When you want to pack, you can narrow the bounce house by unplugging the deflation zipper.
The package size is 90x80x80 cm.
It takes up very little space.
The advantage of the inflatable bounce house is that it can be moved and stored.
When you don\'t use the inflatable bounce house, you can pack it up and make room for other activities.
The quality, safety and consideration of our products.
So you can let your kids enjoy it.
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