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politician\'s son who died on world\'s tallest water slide found with \'fatal neck injury in pool at end of ride\'

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
The 10-year-
On Monday, the son of a state councillor injured his neck while riding the world\'s tallest water slide in Kansas City, Kansas City, police said.
Caleb Thomas Schwab died Sunday at Schlitterbahn water park on the Verrückt water slide, causing riders to drop 17 at a speed of 50 miles per hour80 kph).
Kansas City police said in a statement that he was on a raft with two women.
Police and fire officials rushed to the scene after receiving an emergency report and found that the boy \"died of a fatal neck injury in the pool at the end of the ride,\" the statement said.
Two women on the raft suffered minor facial injuries and were hospitalized.
Ride more than 168 feet (51. 4 meters)
From the torch to the top of the base, it is higher than the Statue of Liberty.
The name of the ride says \"crazy\" in German \".
Park officials said in a statement that Kansas City will remain closed at least until Wednesday, while the slides will be closed during the investigation.
A police and park spokesman declined to give more details about the child\'s death, including whether the child met the child\'s height requirement of 54 inch (1. 37 meters)
Or whether the three riders and rafts meet the weight requirements.
Schwab, son of Kansas Representative Scott Schwab, said in a statement that his family had been destroyed.
\"Caleb is an incredible young man,\" the family\'s pastor, Clint Michel, said at a press conference.
He is full of energy and loves baseball, basketball and football.
What has he been doing?
\"According to the Guinness world record, the Verrückt water slide is the highest in the world.
To ensure safety, the Park delayed the opening of the slide 2014 three times.
Kansas Senator Pat Petti said the tragedy took place at the scene during the park\'s \"day of elected officials.
Pettey said in a telephone interview that she left the park before the incident that caused the boy\'s death.
She said her relatives living in the park saw blood on the slide.
According to Kansas law, the state Department of Labor has jurisdiction over the amusement park, which must check the rides every 12 months and authorize state officials to conduct random inspections.
She said the incident could lead to state council discussions on how to regulate water parks.
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