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precautions can minimize risk of pool drowning

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
In recent years, drowning in a shady pool in Southern California has attracted the attention of safety experts.
Last week, three people in the area died in the cloudy water of the dirty backyard swimming pool.
Two cousins at Garden Grove, an 18-year-oldmonth-
An old girl of 1/2year-
Authorities say their mother found drowning old boys in a shady backyard swimming pool on Wednesday, and they have lost contact for 15 minutes.
The children died later.
Pedro Esteban Chavez, 22, was found dead in a residential pool in the Riverside County city of Perris on Thursday afternoon.
Riverside County Sheriff\'s Investigator Jerry fronville said Chavez was missing for about a week after attending a party and friends wanted to check out the pool.
\"It\'s so vague and dirty that you can\'t see the pool,\" Franchville said . \".
That\'s where they found his body.
\"At 2002, a 7-year-
A little boy was found at the bottom of a pool in Mount homby.
Daytime searches include about 50 Los Angeles police officers, police dogs and a helicopter.
The boy went missing while attending a party, but the police never checked the pool, which they called transparent.
A housekeeper found the body after the pool cleaner poured the chemicals into the pool and cleared the water.
According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3,306 people died from drowning in 2003, with an average of 9 people per day.
Most of the children aged 1 to 4 are drowning in residential swimming pools.
Despite the slow decline in drowning rates in the country, it is still the second
Main cause of injury
The agency reported deaths of children aged 1 to 14.
California law, which came into force on January.
1 swimming pool and spa in need of new or remodeled including
Trap drainage cover and require seven resistance
The characteristic of drowning is in place.
It supports previous laws by adding two new ones.
Drowning function in list.
Pool owners can now choose to place a removable mesh fence around the surface of the pool or install an alarm that sounds when someone accidentally enters the water.
But the pool is still dangerous, experts say.
Why are so many children dead in the pool?
\"People don\'t realize that the beautiful facilities that people like to enjoy are a hostile environment,\" said John hanster, an entertainment hazard forensics expert from N Green Village. J.
Michelle fezko, health and health coordinator at the Orange County Children\'s Hospital, said slipping or falling into the pool would soon turn into a fatal accident.
\"Children can lose consciousness in 30 seconds or less, suffer irreparable brain damage in 4 to 6 minutes and die in 10 minutes,\" she said . \".
What should the family do to make the backyard pool safer?
Mark Ross, an American public affairs expert, said several layers of security measures were appliedS.
Washington Consumer Product Safety Council
Install barriers. A four-
The side fence with at least 4 feet high slats with intervals less than 4 inch is a key barrier.
The door should be its own.
Close and self
Lock, a child should not be able to reach the lock. Supervise.
There are no obstacles to regulation.
Watch children in the water often.
If there is a pool nearby but children are missing, please check the pool first.
Prepare for an emergency.
There\'s a cordless phone, an emergency number, the first one.
First aid kit and rescue equipment near the pool.
Learn CPR and first aid.
What should swimmers do in cold and bad weather?
The American Red Cross recommends swimmers leave the pool when they see a storm cloud or hear thunder.
In cold weather, when it is unlikely to use the pool, the owner should clean the water and cover the pool to reduce the risk of accidents.
What swimming pool rules should children follow?
The children should swim with their friends.
Also, they should never do the following: run near the pool.
Push or jump someone in the water.
Dive into or jump into the shallow water.
How safe is it for children to play inflatable in the swimming pool?
\"Like any toy, inflatable toys for the pool can be very dangerous and should be used under strict supervision,\" said Julie Gilcrist, a medical epidemiology at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
\"It\'s one thing to play with inflatable toys in the living room, but it\'s another thing to play in a dangerous environment,\" Gilchrist said . \".
Inflatable toys should never be considered a replacement for The Times
Suitable, approved individual floating device.
How does the family maintain a safe swimming pool?
Keep the water in the pool clean to keep the water clear, Hanst said.
\"The water should be clear enough to see the bottom.
If you let the water drop, no one can see you if you fall in. \"tony. Balvasa @ latimes. com*(
Start text of the infobox)
Safe swimming pool-
The California swimming pool safety act is designed to protect children from swimming pool drowning. As of Jan.
1. the new or renovated swimming pool and spa must be equipped with defense
Trap drain cover and at least one other safety feature including: Exit alert on the door that leads directly to the pool. --Self-closing, self-
The locking device with the release mechanism is placed on the door directly leading to the swimming pool from the floor not less than 54 inch. --
A closure that prevents access to the swimming pool from the house.
It must have: the entrance door opened from the pool is its own
Close and have a release latch of at least 5 feet high. --
The vertical clearance from the ground to the bottom of the shell does not exceed 2 inch.
* There is no gap of 4 inch or more.
* Approved safety pool cover * at a height of at least 5 feet and no handrails or mountain feet on the external surface.
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