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process of making inflatable toys

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-27
Inflatable toys are a hot topic at home and abroad.
Most of us are familiar with inflatable toys, especially children who are always the owners of these inflatable toys.
Whether it\'s a child or an adult, play with inflatable toys again and again.
However, very few of us know about the production process.
I was lucky to visit an inflatable factory and I can introduce you something new.
First, the tailor needs to cut raw materials as a design.
Scissors for cutting this inflatable material should be professional.
It should be sharper as this PVC material is stronger and harder than the general clothing textile.
Usually PVC.
Professional tailors should sew carefully.
Otherwise, the air will leak, and then the inflatable product will not be qualified.
Besides the quality, sewing is also essential to the appearance.
It takes about 24 hours to complete a normal inflatable product.
It takes a lot of time for larger sizes, but the size of these products determines how long it takes.
After sewing, they need to be blown out with air to check if they are qualified.
The leaking toy is unqualified and needs to be repaired.
Blowing toys is not only to test whether these inflatable toys are qualified.
More importantly, artists need to draw cute cartoons on toys.
You must be aware that there are many lovely animals and creatures on the toy, such as tigers, dogs, cats, Christmas trees. . . It is a time-
Consumption and aesthetic work.
Whether these inflatable products such as slides and pools are beautiful or not is determined by this process.
In addition, painting materials are an important factor that affects the durability of these inflatable toys.
High quality paint can keep the cartoon fresh and colorful for a long time.
Instead, it will disappear soon.
If this happens, customers will complain that these inflatable slides or bodyguards will look ugly.
Therefore, children will lose interest in them.
Therefore, it is better for manufacturers to choose high-quality paint.
Quality is the best reputation for a company. Finish?
No, the other process can still not be missed and must be packaged as required by the customer.
It needs special packing for some distant transportation.
For example, packaging must protect the goods from rain.
It can be concluded that the packaging must be changed depending on the transport and distance.
Otherwise the inflatable toy will be damaged.
The process does not seem complicated.
However, any problem in any process can lead to fatal results.
In general, for all inflatable toys that require some special requirements, especially the inflatable pool, double needles, beautiful lines and high quality materials are the most important factors.
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