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public school fundraising and playgrounds: \'it\'s a question of equality\'

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
Over the past two years, the children of the nursery school at the public school in Carlton heights have been playing in a bare yard as their play structure has been declared unsafe and shipped away.
They make, drive tricycles, play with sand toys.
But Gemma Nicholson, president of the school council, said there was no shade, no place to climb, and the yard turned into a mud pit when it rained.
It is difficult for parents of the school council to raise funds to replace the game structure, but in a community mainly composed of new and low immigrants, it is not easy
Income families, she said.
Usually parents are responsible for making sure their children have a slide show and a monkey-
Local school bar.
No game structure available in Ottawa-
The Carlton District School Board serves as a fundamental part of education, like a textbook.
The school board has provided some funds for the structure of the game
It was $400,000 last year.
But this is far from enough to meet the needs of the board Primary School.
According to a spokesman, almost half of the board structure is close to the end of life and needs to be replaced.
Statistics compiled three years ago showed that the council\'s schools had 257 components, such as sliders and climbers, contained in 124 structures.
The cost varies greatly depending on the type of playground.
According to board documents, the average cost of plastic and metal climbing structures is $68,000, while the average cost of a naturalised gaming area containing elements such as logs and boulders is $160,000.
A path and playroom, but nothing to climb, could cost $40,000 and landscape elements like boulders and trees would cost about $15,000.
The playground is pieced together by grants from the school board and the City of Ottawa, as well as funds raised by parents, charities and businesses privately.
School Committees are usually responsible for fundraising.
Mercure Alexandria on Manne Avenue
The school council co-stated that kindergarten students need to go to school and after an unsafe structure was removed they played in the \"big square pile of sand\" for two years
Kate wigerton chair
Last fall, the school council raised $87,000 for a small building.
Most of the money comes from the school board, the city and the Ottawa Community Foundation.
The Commission has raised about $6,000 for the project, and it is difficult to withdraw more money from nearby parents, wigerston said.
She and other parents believe that children in kindergarten must have a game structure and their course is \"games --
She pointed out: \"based on learning.
Creative and active outdoor activities help children develop their overall sports skills and learn to cooperate
Operate with others and stay healthy, she said.
In contrast, near the south of Old Ottawa, the public school on Hopewell Avenue raised $210,000 in just a few months and renovated a game field in 2014 --15. (
The council has saved approximately $25,000 for the project. )
A large game structure, trees, natural area and an outdoor classroom were built.
How is this a private-
The funds raised may affect the experience of children in public places in Ottawafunded schools.
There is a huge difference in the fundraising capacity of the urban rich and poor regional school council.
A citizen analysis of the data showed that the top 10 of the fund-raising school council raised 38 times more money than the last 10.
The UK public school board of directors reported revenue ranging from a low of $500 to a high of $127,043 in 2017 --
18. The latest year of available data.
Raising money for the playground is a key fund
Organize events for most school councils.
There is debate about what type of playground is the best.
Some argue that traditional buildings with slides and climbers may not be the best way to keep the kids active, nor are they being used throughout the winter.
A more natural playground is a trend.
But for parents in Carlton heights, it\'s all academic and they just want their kids to play with something.
\"They are children aged four and five,\" Nicholson said . \"
\"They need to spend time running and climbing mountains.
Until recently, children at Carlton Heights kindergarten had the potential to climb at any time, and the prospect looked bleak.
About $31,500 was raised for the playground project, including a $25,000 donation from the school board to prepare the venue and about $6,500 raised by the Council, staging sales of popcorn and hot dogs.
Earlier this summer, when parents were in A.
Lorne Cassidy Elementary School in Stittsville volunteered to help.
Not just a little bit. The A.
Lorn Cassidy School Council promises to raise all the funds needed to create a kindergarten playground for Carlton heights.
Their funding target is $60,000.
\"If we are going to teach our children how to give back to the community, we need to be a good example of this,\" said Eryn Konkle, a parent.
Lorn Cassidy school council.
\"They don\'t have the ability to raise money.
\"Other Ottawa Council of Schools
In remote areas, cash and goods were provided to poor schools, but this size may not be available. A.
Lorne Cassidy is one of the top fundraising schools on the board.
Council reported revenue of $123,800 in 2017
18. The most recent year of available statistics. (
The figure is a bit misleading because most of the revenue comes from a very successful lunch project that brought in $100,000 but earned a net $30,000.
Nevertheless, the committee still has a large group of active parents and demonstrates its ability to raise tens of thousands of dollars. )Konkle is a
Be that kind of person, but even she was intimidated by the promise on the playground.
\"This is a huge effort.
This is not a trivial matter.
However, she believes that people from a wider community will also contribute to helping the children in Carlton heights.
\"They have something similar (100)
The children of the kindergarten play in the soil. “It’s sad.
Many of them are new families in Canada.
You just want to love them and you want them to be happy.
They came from a war-
A country where life is not easy.
They are just children and should be playing.
The school is the fastest.
According to Principal Lynn Dupuis, there are an increasing number of students in the region, of whom 65 are learning English as a second language. The A.
Lorne Cassidy\'s parents are working on this project with the school council in Dupuis and Carlton heights.
Gained charitable status and created a fundraising website.
As soon as the school resumes, plans for fundraising activities are underway.
Already in A.
Konkle says Lorne Cassidy, who wants to remain anonymous, promises to match whatever money is raised, up to $30,000.
She said she wanted A.
Lorn Cassidy playground promises to inspire other parliaments to \"move forward\" by helping poorer schools \".
Nicholson said she was \"shocked\" by the proposal \".
\"How generous it gives you confidence in humanity.
\"I was lost for the language.
This is the most incredible thing I have ever heard.
This will change the lives of many children.
I hope they know that.
\"Last year, the committee had three active parents, including Nicholson.
Two of them are moving out of the neighborhood.
Nicholson said the Carlton Heights committee could raise money for a few basketball games, but was not able to raise $60,000 at all.
\"I think our community will eventually raise money, but who knows that it will take hundreds of dollars here and hundreds of dollars there.
\"I know that if we have money in Carlton heights, we will stand up and help others.
Nicholson said Principal Lynn Dupuis has done his best to \"break her ass\" to find funding, such as funding from a business that pays for garden boxes in the yard.
Dupuis said she welcomes any help from A.
The board of directors of Lorn Cassidy, such as writing a grant application.
When the Commission volunteered to raise all the money it needed, \"To be honest, it\'s humbling,\" Dupuis said . \".
\"I don\'t think they will accept this! It’s fantastic.
She said: \"Ideally a game field that combines a structure, a natural area with logs, a canopy in a shade and an asphalt area for running and gaming
Sports make children healthier and easier to learn.
Kelly Gallagher says the playground is the school\'s \"heartbeat of outdoor play\"
McKay, a professor at the University of Wilfried Laurier, is conducting research on the subject at the Ontario Institute of Physical Education and health education.
The \"campus statistics\" project requires the province\'s volunteers to \"audit\" the playground and report on the fees paid by the school to improve and maintain the venue.
Playgrounds are often seen as \"extra\", she said, but they are an important part of ensuring children\'s health and activity.
\"We need to be aware that the playground is an important place to promote health.
\"The better the playground, the greater the chance (students)will be active.
Gallagher said: \"There should be a minimum standard for school games across the province
Mackay also emphasized the importance of including elements in nature.
\"I don\'t think there should be any playground in Ontario without trees. ”Gallagher-
McKay said she is concerned about the role of school fundraising in creating differences in what kind of playground students have.
She said the study could provide more information.
The parent who led the fundraising campaign for Erik van der Torre, a public school on Hopewell Avenue, said he found it odd that the school board did not offer something as important as the game field.
The school board did not fund the Hopewell School project, which is very expensive because the site requires a lot of drainage and other underground works, he said.
He said the Hopewell School Council decided not to \"spend all our time arguing and fighting the board for money \".
Instead, they launched a fundraising campaign in December 2014 called \"every leaf is important\" where parents volunteered their expertise in the crowd --
Funding, graphic design, branding and communications.
An official from the school board promised to help
Once the funds are raised, coordinate the construction of the project.
\"When we said, \'Here\'s the money, let\'s do it. \'I think we kind of shocked him.
Van der Torre said.
The money was raised from private donations, donations from charities, businesses, community associations and the City of Ottawa, as well as activities including dancea-
In the large school that raised $42,000, the students performed an interesting performance.
Van der Torre said he knew very well how lucky the children were in the well --
Nearby, there are huge differences in fundraising capacity between parliaments.
\"It may sound strange because I\'m in charge of raising $200,000 for a school, but at the end of the day, I don\'t think the school council should raise money for anything, whether it\'s pinneys or the playground.
\"A good outdoor game space is essential and should be available in all schools,\" he said.
For wigerston, it is an equal issue in the public school system.
\"It\'s an equal issue for us and make sure (our)
Children have all the learning opportunities other children have. ”At the Ottawa-
The Carlton District School Board funded about a dozen playground projects each year from a fund totaling $400,000 last year.
Traditionally, the board has provided a grant of $7,500 for each approved project.
Spokesman Sharlene Hunter said the board has also recently started offering $25,000 to upgrade the surface of the playground to ensure wheelchair access to the playground.
Ottawa typically offers a $7,500 grant, as the community often uses the play field after work.
In most cases, the parents of the school board raise the rest of the funds.
It is difficult in schools where there is no school council or fundraising, because parents are not in good health --
Sometimes the principal applies for a grant from a charity or business.
Additional funds can also be provided by the school boardby-case basis. Parents at A.
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