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Realistic Exercise of Inflatable Fire Tent Fire Escape House


Education safety fire drill activity 

Let's work together to strengthen fire safety education,

improve the fire safety quality of our team, and jointly

maintain everyone's safety and tranquility!

Fire safety is not a trivial matter, and attention should be paid to it at all times and everywhere.

Educational security activities

Perform personnel division of labor

Safety education, keep in mind

Before the fire safety education drill

Security drill, conducted in an orderly manner

More people are attracted to participate

Learning and training to enhance experience

Create a safer and more harmonious living environment through drills.

Fire prevention is everyone's responsibility. Let everyone realize that fire

safety is not only the responsibility of the fire department, but also our obligation.

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Abstract:The inflatable firefighting tent serves as an obstacle tent for simulating fire safety. It is designed to provide a realistic environment for training and educational purposes. The inflatable structure offers portability and easy setup, allowing for flexible use in various locations. By replicating fire scenarios, it helps raise awareness and enhance preparedness for fire emergencies.

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