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rejected suitor who sent a 17-year-old his credit card details to buy \'anything her heart desires\' after she turned him down is left eating his words when she orders a $1,000 bouncy house

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-09
A man who wants to be a sugar daddy, after sending his credit card details to a crush, ate his words and told her to buy anything she wanted --
It\'s only for her to buy an inflatable castle worth $1,000.
Logan Wilson, 17, from lubock, Texas, was very flattered when an old friend of the summer camp contacted her and offered to take her out for a date --
But she said she was not interested in pursuing romantic relationships with her childhood friends.
However, after she kindly rejected his romantic offer, the unnamed suitor insisted on trying his luck and insisted that she should be spoiled a little, and put his credit card \"in case you need anything \".
\"He felt for me, but I didn\'t feel for him.
After telling him I didn\'t feel the same way, he said he would \"leave me alone\" and then said \". . .
Leagan revealed on the online version of the Daily Mail, followed by the text in the screenshot.
\"I hope you have something,\" he wrote to her while sending a photo of the front and back of his card --
When she shared the conversation online, she kindly blocked it.
Just in case you need anything.
\"Anything you want inside,\" he added . \"
But he tried to buy her heart and didn\'t sit with the blonde Texans.
\"I wouldn\'t use it at first because I was annoyed and he thought he could get me into a relationship and because it wasn\'t the smartest thing to do,\" Leagan revealed . \".
\"I was surprised when I first saw it, but I kind of ignored it because it wasn\'t the smartest move,\" she added . \".
After repeated consideration, Logan used the most suitable gift to buy a purple princess inflatable house --
Youth birthdays and neighborhood parties have also brought about the same childhood.
When her suitor received an email notification of the charge and an order receipt for the jungle jump, he was completely stunned.
\"Baby, What is this,\" he messaged Logan.
What did you say, right?
She answered with a cheeky face.
\"Have you just bought a resilient house?
He was startled by her strange buying behavior.
She revealed that she really didn\'t need to inflate the castle, but she came up with the idea while driving.
\"I don\'t have any good reason, except to see a resilient house while I\'m driving out and thinking, why not? \' she said.
Leagan\'s acquisition is not a cheap adventure.
According to the store\'s website, the retail price of the inflatable castle is $938.
This is on sale.
Leagan played her hilarious refusal interaction on Twitter and announced her latest purchase, which offered fans an open invitation to enjoy her rejected date.
\"You all were invited to my inflatable castle party funded by the person who sent me a credit card after I refused to date,\" she wrote on Twitter . \".
The post quickly got more than 77,000 retweets and 243,000 viral spreads that it liked.
Fans in the comments section praised the teenager for buying her funny product.
\"Do you mean, is this not rebounding?
A Twitter fan wrote.
Another user shared that you are my hero. \'Can I come?
Asked many enthusiastic fans.
Another fan shared that the idea was great because people would never buy a resilient house for themselves, but it would be a good idea for a penny from others.
\"I am very happy in this regard.
I mean, I will buy these things for myself.
I\'m not going to spend my money on a bouncy castle.
Money from others. . . Fans added.
When she was young, a man wanted to buy a playroom to jump in and wrote: \"I like the way you desire inside . \".
A woman jokingly asked her to reveal the man\'s name and credit card information for entertainment.
\"Why did you block the number? ? ?
\"We should all eat,\" she wrote . \"
When Twitter gets into laughter due to her post, the man is not very interested in her fun.
\"He was annoyed with me, but I mean, I think a resilient house falls under the category of\" anything, \"she shared.
\"He really doesn\'t want to have anything to do with this tweet, and I don\'t think he knows how popular it is.
As for me, I don\'t know if it\'s going to get viral! \' she added.
Leagan plans to have a party when the much-anticipated bouncy house arrives, but it\'s not clear if many of her Twitter fans are invited.
In addition to buying the castle, she bought some chicken nuggets with her card.
\"I definitely plan to have a party whenever the party comes in (
I\'m not sure when that was),\' she said.
Although the Crazy Castle has brought her the reputation of Twitter, it may also leave her suitor alone --
In the dust, she left a loud and clear message that no matter how charming the admirers were, she was the queen of her own castle.
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