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rescue at water park; firefighters free man from slide 40ft off the ground.

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
Signature: Laura Caro, a man who had to be rescued after being trapped in a water park 40 metres from the ground.
Firefighters were called to Wet \'n\' Wild Park, onRotary Road, North Shields, a month after-year-
The old man slipped on the slide of the Shenfeng death team and hit his head.
He\'s believed to be working on 40-metre-
When he was trapped for the first time
The staff was summoned from Wallsend fire station in north tyenside to the Indoor Water Center, one of the largest indoor water centers in Europe, after the staff worked hard to help the man leave.
After releasing the man on North Shields Brandon Road, they put him on a long board and took him to four stairs on the ambulance by noon on Thursday.
People think he was trapped in gianthalf for an hour. pipe.
He was taken to North tyndside general hospital for suspected back and head injuries but was discharged within hours.
Lee Denny, duty manager at Wallsend fire station, said it was an unusual job for the crew to continue working.
\"A worker is checking the big slide,\" he said.
\"But when he did, he slipped even though the water was turned off.
\"He was tied to a seat belt tied to the top, so he didn\'t fall that far, but he hit his head and threw it back.
\"The medical staff couldn\'t get him out, so we got a call.
\"We put him on a long wooden board and took him to the four stairs on the ambulance.
\"It\'s definitely a different job than usual.
Stephen Guthry, manager of wet\' n\'wild, said: \"We have a lot of slides and every morning we check all the slides.
\"Because some of the slides are very steep, the person checking them must be caught as a safety measure when they slide towards the daonach slide.
\"When the worker slipped he had fallen partially and we didn\'t want to move him because he complained about having a backinjury --
It was an awkward place for him.
\"That\'s why we called the fire brigade, who took him away.
He was taken to the hospital as a precaution.
\"He returned to work yesterday morning, though he was a little stiff. CAPTION(S)
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