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rhyl\'s new promenade water park plans approved

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
To revive the promenade in the area, plans to build a new water park in Lille have been approved.
The landmark Sunshine Center of the town was demolished in September to pave the way for regeneration, despite 300-
Name the save petition.
The Denby County Council approved plans for a new leisure facility on Tuesday.
The committee says 350,000 tourists will come here every year.
The hotel\'s plans include a new water park, rock climbing facilities, an outdoor pool, a sunbathing area, a cafe terrace and a bar.
As part of the reconstruction, the skate park and paddle pool of Reese will be moved.
The committee said it would consult with young people on the design of the park.
With planning permission, work will begin in September 2017 and new facilities will be opened in early 2019.
Hugh Evans, head of the Denbyshire Council, said approval of the project was an \"important milestone\" for the project \".
He added: \"The development and improvement of the waterfront promenade is not only designed to benefit Lille\'s economy by increasing the pace of visitors, but let communities in Denby and North Wales know exactly what the town can offer.
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