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riding the rapids

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-29
Enjoy the thrill and overflow of the roller-
Riding the thunderbolt of Shuangxi Jinbao on a dead car.
\"Row forward, 1-2, 1-2!
\"It was a shout, almost inaudible in the roar of the billowing white water.
We shot in the rapids and had the most enjoyable time.
There is a big rock in the middle of the river. even we work together to row boats. with the strength of five people, we can\'t swing the raft from above.
Smack, we ran in!
Is there a shocking crash? No. The air-
The raft is loaded with floating boats that absorb the impact like a large airbag. Poing!
We jump like some cartoon characters.
Twenty of us decided to spend a Sunday with a very damp roller.
Riding a dead car on the rapids of Shuangxi, the golden treasure side Thunderbolt.
A family of eight from Selangor, including four children.
The youngest was only five years old, but the whole family had experienced whitewater rafting in Sabah, so they were accepted.
We are at Nature Resort Gopeng (GNR)
A place to store all drifting equipment.
After wearing a personal floating device (pfd)
And the helmet, we learned about the precautions for safety drills and whitewater rafting.
\"Rafting is easier than kayaking,\" said Norman, a tour guide . \".
\"All you need to do is learn how to paddle forward and backward.
Let the volunteers shout out the rhythm so that you can row at the same time.
\"It is certain to know that Norman shared his four years of drifting experience with us.
But is white water drifting so easy?
We \'d love to know.
The starting point is Ulu glendtom, only a stone\'s throw from GNR, passing through a narrow winding road.
The guide will launch the raft to Sungai Kampar and assemble it in sandbars 50 m downstream.
Participants must jump into the sparkling river and float quickly onto the waiting raft for a self-confidence drill through the water.
Yes, you have to get wet before you start drifting!
There are three guides on hand, responsible for throwing safety lines for anyone who may be too far from the bank.
After the initial baptism in the river, all were eager to board the raft.
6 m x 4 m semi-inflatable raft-
The tube with a diameter of meters looks like an oversized doughnut.
A thick safety rope is tied at several points and runs around the top of the doughnut.
Holding on to this rope helps keep the balance in place and can pull yourself back to the raft if you fall into the water.
There are also two floating boats in the raft that help keep the shape, and there is also an inflatable base pad during the bumpy journey.
The drain hole of the strategic point on the floor ensures that it is its ownbailing.
Each raft can accommodate six people and a guide.
The safety guide Tats is staring at the fleet and sitting on his little green kayak.
Tats from Sabah is a trained rafting guide and a white water kayaking player.
With four years of work experience and first aid training, he will be the first to provide assistance if needed.
Like the dive masters name their favorite dive sites, the rafting guide also names the rapids of Sungai Kampar: broken ledge, easy to drop, snake rapids, more famous is broken paddle and Hyside.
Everyone has their own fascinating story about how it is named.
James Chee, a local partner at River Bug, explained: \"Easy Drop is a place with turbulent rapids, and the raf child is Easy to fall into water!
The snake Rapids refer to the tortuous route taken to clear the rapids here.
The paddle break marks the location of our first paddle break.
On average, drifting guides travel 300 times a year in these rapids, so they know the features of each set of rapids.
But the river is alive and there is a different flow of water every day.
In the days when the water is high, it may be easier to pass through the rapids.
When the water is low, more rocks are exposed to the obstruction passage, and the tour guide has more difficult work on the manipulation of the raft.
When participants rank forward or backward as instructed, the tour guide will do everything possible to drive the boat.
The first set of rapids, the broken ledge, is a long, foam-filled and bumpy journey, but everything is easy to pass except to be splashed.
The next challenge is not easy-a flat, partially exposed rock blocks our way and our raft is stuck on it like a stranded whale!
Our guide Norman jumped on the rocks at once.
We transferred the weight to one side of the raft and Norman pulled the raft and managed to push the raft back into the water.
Stranding is part of whitewater rafting fun.
When they see our predicament, we can hear the laughter of the people behind us!
Later, we had a lot of opportunities to pay off.
Another interesting experience was going against the Rapids.
Occasionally, when the raft bounces off the rock, the flow rotates it and we bounce back.
Once there was a chance, Norman cleverly turned us around so that at least we could see where we were going.
Finally, we arrived at a place where the river was flat and the raft stopped to rest.
The children seized the opportunity to swim in the cold and clear water.
People who prefer adventure have tried Tat\'s slim kayak.
For two full hours, we negotiate and fight in a variety of challenging rapids.
What an adrenaline rush this is!
In a sense, we won the fight because no ship became a turtle.
But the river did not give up without fighting.
In one of the rapids, three of the five rafts were trapped on the same rock they were trying to draw past.
The hard work of the tour guide saved the participants from dunking.
The river is no exception.
Twice, his green kayak capsized and was swallowed for a while by the white Whirlpool water.
His expert execution of eskimovolume brought him back to the water, just as the whales spit out Jonah.
The rapids of Sungai Kampar extend about 8 km kilometers.
According to the white water rafting standard, it has grades 1 to 3 ,(
The most difficult).
The extension above is rated 2 to 3 and is about 1.
We left the river reluctantly.
This is an adventure that is not easy to forget. . .
The first sight of the raging waters, the first plunge into a strong stream of water and a wild journey through 14 rapids, the initial concerns were great! The five-
The one-year-old son of Abdul Rais Daud of Selangor said: \"Saya takut sikit!
Teapi is excellent, lah (
I\'m a little scared but funny)!
This sentence sums up the emotions of all of us.
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