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rollicking good fun at sea

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
With the opening of Asia\'s first open, the splash of good time has arrived in Penang
Sea water park, wet world wildlife.
The first phase of the Moonlight Bay water park, located in a protected bay near batwood ferlingi, opens on Christmas Day.
After paying at the entrance, visitors with life jackets need to walk about 50 m on the floating ramp, then swim about 20 m to reach an inflatable obstacle built with German technology.
The creator of wet world wild Melvin Guo says the obstacle course is a module consisting of 27 components.
Tower, roller, Spinner, double paddle machine, trampoline, pond, ramp and balance beam are included.
\"Some of these components are connected, while others require visitors to swim.
It will be the first time in Asia to redefine maritime fun, \"said Guo, who is also regional customer director for theme park concepts and Services Sdn Bhd.
He said the original plan was to open the water park along the strip of the beach resort and the Batu ferlingi hotel near Bayu Senja.
However, Guo explained that after investigating the situation in the Moonlight Bay, it was found that the place was ideal.
\"There are no jet skis or other mobile water sports operators here.
In addition, according to the moon phase and wind conditions, we found that the water in the Bay was clear and transparent on certain days, and we could see the water two metres deep, he added.
Lin Guanying, chief minister who launched the water park, said he was pleased that wet world wildlife met all the safety conditions set by the state government.
\"A 300-meter barrierlong and 5m-
Deep, protect the bay now.
This will stop almost all jellyfish and stop tourists from worrying about the trouble. \"Lim said.
He also said that Penang has two theme parks, wet world wildlife and escape adventure, and that tourism in Penang is expected to grow significantly next year.
\"There may be more theme parks in the future and we are considering other suggestions through Penang Development,\" he said . \".
Obstacle classes will double to the current level before the Chinese new year, Guo said, and cafes and bistros on the beach are also planned.
The project will have five expansion phases next year.
Wet World Wild is open from nine o\'clock A. M. to seven o\'clock P. M. every day, but park management can temporarily close the obstacle route if the tide and weather conditions are not good.
Admission fee for adults is RM40 and RM30 for children.
Tourists need at least 110 cm high to play.
During weekends and public holidays, the game time is limited to two hours.
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