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sandcastle water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
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Pros fries in the potato shop seem to be the longest food but worth waiting.
If you live near Sand Castle Water Park, you can get two season tickets for just $99.
You can decide after a day in the park, and if you want to get a season ticket when you leave, they will include the entrance fee you use that day.
It\'s a good thing if this is your first season ticket.
If you purchase more than 2 season tickets, each additional season ticket will cost you $50.
Season ticket holders have \"belt-A-
Friends free \"day, daily locker discount, free admission to the water park night event Castle.
Other benefits will be
Also sent to you throughout the year.
Not much walk to all the attractions, which is a clear advantage.
There are 5 different water slide entrances in one area, so you have a variety of options.
You can walk through the whole park in 5 minutes but have 5 to 8 hours of fun.
You can bring alcoholic drinks in the pool and I even see people bring strawberry milk on the lazy river.
The staff had a lot of security measures, especially when people had a few drinks in it later in the day.
It\'s always safe to see.
Although the ground is hot, there are PVC pipes on the wooden fence, which will spray water to cool your soles as you walk through.
Sometimes it looks like torture, but what do you expect if you decide to cross the concrete barefoot.
I didn\'t queue for more than ten minutes for any slides, as it was a Monday benefit.
There are many lawn chairs next to the sandbar swimming pool.
If you don\'t want to sit by the pool, you can go to the back where there are more lawn chairs and even tables and chairs so you can relax with family and friends.
You can bring a 1 gallon cooler and a 20 oz bottle.
This helps save money by wrapping our own lunch and bottled water in a small fridge.
You could probably get away with a bigger cooler because it looks like people don\'t follow the rules of a gallon at times.
There is a \"small pool\" for young people \".
It will keep you away from the scene of the sandbar swimming pool, where there is an old scene where people are drinking.
Admission is free for children aged 3 and under.
If you are 55 or over, or 48 inch or less, you can go in for $20.
For food, you can buy anything from hot dogs, pizza, cornflakes, tortillas, ice cream, funnel cakes and anything you can get from the theme park.
There are all kinds.
The biggest water slide known as the \"monster\" is closed, a 85 feet free fall.
There are rumors that there is not enough space for the park to open.
I think it should be open every day, especially for people like me who are looking for excitement.
Parking for $6 seems unnecessary as there have been no charges for the past few years.
The $30 seems a bit expensive for a water park, especially in today\'s economy.
Search for coupons or discounts in local newspapers or on the Internet.
Full review Sandcastle Water Park located next to the monononggarilla River contains 14 water slides, a lazy river, wave pool, regular pool, pool for kids, the delicious food provides the experience I will never forget.
This is an experience I will never forget and a great day!
I will definitely come back.
If you want to have fun and cool on a hot day, going to Sand Castle Water Park is a good idea for your family or friends.
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