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saudi ‘censored’ swimming pool ad turns woman into inflatable ball (photo)

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
Saudi retail company SACO posted the picture on Twitter highlighting its latest offer.
The tweet says the store has a large pool in the promotion with photos of the family in the pool.
Men and three children appeared in the pool in a suit, their faces pixelated, and the woman\'s position was replaced by a balloon and its reflection.
The strict censorship system was highlighted on Twitter and thousands of retweets were quickly obtained as many expressed shock at the ad and shared the original uncensored photos.
The swimming pool described in the promotion was made by Intex, California
A company specializing in swimming pools, spas and inflatable mattresses.
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In 2012, IKEA was attacked for women\'s photography shopping in the Saudi Arabian catalogue.
The Swedish furniture giant later apologized and noted that \"the exclusion of women from the Saudi Arabian version of the catalogue conflicts with the values of the Ikea Group.
\"Read in detail: seven countries abstained and Saudi Arabia joined the United Nations Committee on the rights of women. Despite widespread gender inequality, Saudi Arabia was elected to the UN women\'s rights commission in April, including an ongoing male guardianship system and a ban on women driving.
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