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Sea Eagle 465 FastTrack Review

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-28
A new family-Since September 2010, this size of inflatable kayak has been available on the market ...... The sea Eagle 465 FastTrack.The inflatable kayak is a longer version of the 385 Fast Track launched earlier this year.Seahawks have always been one of the most popular inflatable kayak manufacturers, although their kayaks are around the world (including me) both enjoy and use the two things I feel they have been missing are speed and excellent tracking.
I own the sea eagle avix and spend a lot of time paddling on all types of waterways.I now have a fast track of 385 and it has become my choice for kayaks.I can paddle further with less effort and find the weight is lighter and easy to transport and travel.
What makes the new 465 FastTrack so popularThe seat version of FastTrack has become very popular, and the family wants to select all the kayaks in one kayak, as well as an inflatable kayak with excellent performance, it has room and load capacity that can carry a lot of gears.Over the past year I have received a lot of questions from people who have tried to decide which inflatable kayaks are best suited to paddle with two adults, one or two children and possibly one dog.This has always been a difficult question to answer as few inflatable kayaks offer rooms that don\'t perform well, are of low quality or are very expensive.
Now there\'s a new 3-This is an ideal choice.It offers: excellent sturdy construction 3 seats, and the option to adjust the seat according to your needs. Great transport Seahawks 465 fast track length: 15\' width: 36\"Load capacity: 796.
Warranty: 3 year warranty if you are looking for an inflatable kayak, it will be suitable for the family or for those who want to kayak with a lot of equipment that still offers excellent performance, then I highly recommend you to check out the Seahawks 465 fast track.Although it may not be the highestIt still offers great versatility and you can buy a lot of things with your money.I am personally very happy with my fast track and think it will attract a lot of people.
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