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Selecting a suitable Event Tent for an Outdoor Event

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-27
Any outdoor activity requires some kind of activity tent or enclosure as the main hub or the provision of cold shelter facilities.The type of event tent purchased or rented depends to a large extent on usage.There are two main types of event tents: Poles and frame tents that require tetherUps and downs and bets;And the canopy or pop.
The tent is supported by a hard structure.In weddings, large parties, and other such events, pole tents or frame tents are often used.These types are of large size and can present the look and feel of the ballroom.
Large size, wide use of frame and tieDowns needs a lot of well-trained staff to put in-Take down these buildings.That\'s why they often rent it with resources and put it down.Promotional activities and more regular gatherings for companies, universities, clubs or associations, canopy or pop musicTent is the most suitable.
These types of tents are easier to transport and often do not require a large number of people to build.Metal frame scissorsCanopy is an example of this type.Cover on the frame to keep tight fit.These are all very convenient, but the use of metal frames can make the larger model heavy and difficult to transport.
Inflatable tents are also popular.
Inflatable components use the air pressure in the structural members to make rigid support systems, not heavy metal structures.These systems are easy to set upJust simply inflate it with air.A problem with this type of system is the volume and size supported.
Due to the air volume and pressure required to keep the structure standing, the required air inflation system is also very large.One company, X-Paragliding and kite surfing.Use an inflatable rigid sail system that is lightweight but very sturdy and durable.
Incorporating these materials into the inflatable movable tent forms a stylish, ultra-light system that can be set upA small manual or electric pump is used by one person.The lightweight material also makes it easy to transport to almost anywhere.The X-Gloo has four pneumatic tubes of the main structure, made of very strong and elastic polyurethane (TPU), which form a rigid foundation external skeleton when pumped with air.
In order to obtain the auxiliary rigidity and strength, the PU-treated polyester cloth is stretched to the top of the tube and structure.This forms the basis of the whole.The side panel connected to this point through the zipper system can be completely or partially closed tent as needed.Maybe the biggest benefit of X.The Gloo system is a bright color and printing that can be added to the product.
Inflatable movable tents are designed to attract people\'s attention.Polyester fabric is available in multiple colors and can be printed in any type of font, logo or design.Huge Ice HouseLike the structure, it is the ideal canvas for brand and messaging.
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