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Selecting and Decorating Event Tents

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-27
Inflatable event tents are quickly becoming the standard for most companies, clubs, universities and sporting goods.Using an inflatable system means less effort to set upIt can adapt well to all kinds of terrain and situations.In addition, these structures look modern, and their height makes them ideal as a meeting point in an event, or as a means of attracting attention when conducting promotions or other marketing campaigns.
One of the most innovative inflatable systems on the market is provided by XGloo.The XGloo housing uses materials and works borrowed from para sailing and kite boarding.These make the tent lighter and smaller, while maintaining incredible strength and rigidity.
The old inflatable housing uses heavy duty PVC fabrics that require the use of large diameter side brackets that take up valuable areas and thus reduce the available space.PVC materials also need to remain rigid at constant air pressure, so a blower is needed to keep the structure standing.This can be inconvenient if settings are neededup in an out-of-the-Road area, not to mention the possibility of deflating if the air pump fails or is powered off.
The XGloo system only needs to be inflated once through a manual pump or an electric air pump.Keep the pressure in the system so there is no need to keep the air flowing.Once the strong external skeleton is erected, the shape of the shell can be maintained.
PVC is also very heavy.
This makes transportation more expensive, and it takes a transport truck or a lot of manpower to send tents to selected locations.Since the material in the XGloo system uses the same lightweight material as para sailing, the housing is easy to transport in one carrying bag.A person can set up an XGloo event tent in a few minutes.
The weight of the 6 m × 6 m tent is only about 30 kg.This is ideal when tents need to be away from loading areas such as parks, stadiums or beaches.The XGloo inflatable activity tent also provides visual impact.
XGloo\'s high dome ceiling makes it stand out in the distance, and when combined with its colorful designs and decorations, it can be a real magnet for visitors.The shape of the igloo provides visibility from all directions, so there is no dead angle to deal.Each side panel can print any number of colors that are the perfect canvas for printing graphics or text.
The side Housing Panel is interchanged, which makes XGloo suitable for various purposes.One day it can be used at the employee health expo, followed by the center of the consumer sample project.Its flexibility and use are endless.XGloo event tents quickly became the industry standard.
It\'s light weight, hi.
Easy-to-deploy technology design and portability.The self-The support structure can also be installed quickly by one person without the need for a complex frame system or blower to maintain the integrity of the structure.This material is also ideal for printing, so people nearby can see vivid information.
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