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seven children injured in inflatable slide collapse at fireworks show discharged from hospital

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
Police say seven of the eight children who were taken to hospital after the inflatable slide collapsed during a fireworks show in Surrey have been discharged.
It was reported that the children suffered \"potentially serious injuries\" at about 7: 00 \".
30 on Saturday night.
In a statement this morning, Surrey Police said: \"Last night, after the children fell off the inflatable slide, Woking Park was evacuated and we were pleased to learn that, seven of the eight victims were released overnight.
The eighth victim was held for night observation, but his injury was not serious.
The investigation will now be the responsibility of the health and safety department.
Surrey Police announced a major incident when \"many children fell off the slide \".
Carl Baccus, a parent, told the BBC Radio 5 that his five childrenyear-
When they arrived at the event, the old son asked to continue the slide, but he refused because it looked dangerous.
He said he could see at least 20 children on the slide and his \"parental instinct\" told him it was a bad idea.
One witness also described seeing \"about 40 children\" on a slide of about 30 feet \"(9m)
Height when fully inflated.
After the incident on Saturday night, the Woking Park was closed and the deflated inflator was still there.
Michael Holden, a fireworks organizer in Rotary, Woking District, estimates that at the time of the incident, there were about 5,000 people in the park.
\"We have been using this funfair operator for several years,\" he said.
We have never had any problems before.
Holden said it was unclear how the children were injured.
\'We don\'t know exactly what\'s going on yet, but it seems like eight kids got off near the top of the slide and landed on the floor next to the slide, \'he said.
\"At first we thought the injury was very serious and announced a major incident, which meant we had to stop setting off fireworks.
\"We were very shocked and miserable about the whole thing, but we were relieved to hear this morning that seven of the eight children had been discharged from the hospital.
\"The last time was in observation, so the injury was not as serious as originally thought.
\"The police called on anyone who witnessed the incident, or who had a video or photo, to contact the Surrey Police by 101 or by reference to PR/p18262524.
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