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seven year old summer grant dies in a bouncy castle that is blown away at a fun fair

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
The Essex girl died after being \"thrown out\" in the tragedy of funfair bouncy castle.
British Sky News.
A woman is at the scene-
One-year-old Grant died after being blown by the wind about 150 metres in a resilient Castle in the summer.
Image source: apa seven-Stefan Rousseau/PAyear-
After the inflatable castle she played at an interesting fair was blown away, the old girl died.
Grant from Norwich, southeast England, suffered multiple injuries during the summer.
Autopsy showed.
She\'s been with her family all the time-
On Easter Saturday, at the Thurston amusement park in Harlow Town Park, Essex, she was blown up by an inflatable castle of more than 135 around four o\'clock P. M (Two o\'clock A. M. Sunday).
Men aged 27 and 24year-
The old woman from cam County, who was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter after her child\'s death, has been released on bail pending further investigation.
The day after the tragedy, a group of flower tributes and teddy bears decorated the entrance to the Harlow Town Park, and people came to pay tribute.
On Easter Sunday, the bazaar was closed, but there was a steady stream of people visiting the park, leaving some information including: \"God brought a beautiful girl for his angel. RIP Princess.
\"Seven-year-old Xia Grant died when an inflatable castle she was playing was blown over 135 metres into the sky.
Picture: FacebookSource: Ray Smith said that FacebookA suddenly blew the resilient Castle off the ground, blowing through many trailers and caravans on the scene, from the British Association of Showmasters.
\"A sudden gust of wind.
\"If the wind continues, they will turn off all the inflators,\" Smith said . \".
The video shows the police running to the scene, leading the detectives of Kent and Essex\'s serious crime bureau, who have called on anyone with footage or information about what contacted them.
\"It was a very tragic event, and a young girl lost her life.
I express my deepest sympathy to her family, \"Officer Daniel Stoughton told the Essex Chronicle.
\"We are working to determine how the girl was injured and I urge anyone who took part in the event and witnessed the incident to contact me.
He added that the weather conditions of the day would be a factor in their investigation.
\"The weather will certainly be part of this investigation --
Whether the weather is a factor, whether it is appropriate to run by bike.
\"It will be a complex and thorough investigation --
I don\'t think it\'s a quick survey and it\'s going to be a long one.
\"We will talk to scientists about the weight of the ride, the type of weather, the ground at the foot, the moisture content, and how the ride is tied.
Inflatable castle where seven people are locatedyear-
Old Summer Grant was thrown over 135 metres at the Easter fair in Harlow, Essex.
Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA through APSource: APLast year, when the children were playing at the fair in the same park, a resilient castle collapsed.
It was reported at the time that when the inflatable castle collapsed, three children had to be treated by a caregiver.
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