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sock it to him : saddam hussein bashing is an instant trend as americans find humorous ways to fight back

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-04
Colo rlee Jones, a small hotel in Colorado
Grandma wants to stick it to Saddam Hussein.
So she sat in front of her Singer sewing machine, stitched up a Hussain doll, took a stab at it with nothing, and decided to call her work \"The Baghdad beast, you make the Voo doll
20,000 dolls this week-
Pins are not included--
Gift shops across the United States will be sold for $10.
In the family, many consumers are in a war frenzy,
Sanitary Ware and innovative manufacturers are stepping up production\"
Manufacturers reported that many of the ideas for these products appeared on drawings shortly after Iraq\'s invasion of Kuwait in August.
But when American troops were deployed to the Saudi Arabian desert, the war broke out and Hussain broke out --
Bashing items: golf, punching bags, flying boards, toilet paper, T-
Shirt, chopping board game.
\"Bashing Saddam is a trend,\" said Tom Belmer, one of the three owners of creative imagination, a novelty manufacturer in amitos, Los Angeles.
Behlmer, his brother Jack and their friend Rick Hamilton, presented two punch bags called Sock Saddam and a foam doll named Squash Saddam at the recent Los Angeles market in California
More than 50,000 exhibitors and buyers reviewed the product line at the gift show and found some gifts from 1991 --ware trends.
\"When we thought of the squash Saddam doll, we sat there and had a few beers,\" Tom Bellmer said of 4-inch-
High foam shape for extrusion and flattening.
Behlmer said that a few weeks ago, he and his partners thought of bags and dolls after seeing President Bush knock on a political cartoon with a sandbag bearing Hussain\'s face.
The doll will be retail for $7.
So far, creative imagination has received 10,000 doll orders and 10,000 for two months --inch and 42-inch-
Gift shops in Century City, Santa Monica, Torrance, Buena Park, Long Beach and Los Angeles offer high air bags.
The bags, which cost $10 and $20, have a green beret on the front of the inflatable bag and a picture of Hussain of the French suit.
The back of the bag shows that Hussain\'s trousers have an imprint of a soldier\'s boot on his hips.
These bags are called \"anti\" by the market.
Stress relief, says Behlmer.
\"I just hope we can do more.
We shipped out every bag.
\"It\'s time to see how they are doing in the store,\" he said . \".
Behlmer said he was not sure if his company would create more-
Hussein project, because it takes 30 to 40 days for product turnover \", we don\'t know what will happen in Saudi Arabia.
Psychologist and social worker Noemi Contras said
Hussain\'s goods can ease some of the setbacks caused by the war.
\"This is a way to ease hostility and frustration towards this monster,\" says Contreras, executive director of Glendale Center for Humanities psychology and member of the California self-improvement task forceEsteem.
\"People don\'t like what this person does to humanity, and people don\'t agree with his philosophy of violent life,\" says Contreras . \".
\"People\'s frustration comes from not being able to handle this guy in person, so we fight back by hitting a bag with his face.
Contreras releases this tension and frustration with psychology
The dramatic techniques she uses in her treatment with clients.
In these meetings, she said, patients use padded bats to tap pillows or padded chairs to vent their repressed emotionsup hostility.
\"It\'s better to release anger in this way than to hit a real person, and then you will feel more relaxed,\" she said . \".
Ben Enis, who teaches marketing at the University of Southern California, said
\"Hussain novelty\" is a harmless way to express patriotism and support war efforts.
Saddam Hussein is the one we hate these days and there is a demand for this product.
He said that during the war and in 1979, Iran took American hostages and other incidents, the products that attacked the enemy entered popular culture.
\"I was just surprised by the speed at which the US marketing system responded.
But I wouldn\'t really be happy if these products were used to hurt others.
\"I believe they did release the tension,\" he said . \"
McCord Golf
Merrillville in Ind
, Is making a \"Baghdad bully\" golf featuring Hussain\'s head and shoulders, which says \"hit me! \"Printed on it.
Three balls for $6. 95,12 dollar 6.
95 and a dozen $19. 95.
\"We got a lot of orders from individuals and groups,\" said company spokesman Bob Morgan . \" Golf can only be purchased for a fee, he addedfree number.
\"The order included a mother in Atlanta who asked a dozen to send her son in the bay, as well as a Michigan radio station, to order 50 dozen for a group of mothers in Michigan.
\"Over the past week, the company has received orders for more than 1,200 balls.
Ivory Tower Publishing Company
Mass in Waterton.
, Is now producing \"Wipeout Hussein\" toilet paper.
Debbie Mills, regional account manager of the company that publishes books, greeting cards and gift packaging, said thousands of rolls of toilet paper-
$5 per roll in the gift shop--
It has been shipped across the country, and hundreds of dozens of free rolls have been sent to Saudi Arabian forces.
\"We received an incredible response to the product,\" Mines said of the organization available three months ago, which is still a hot-selling product.
Paul Kratzer is the advertising director of Salisbury.
, Developed IraqiWacker, a paddle with a cross paintingeyed, beret-
Wearing the elastic band on Hussain and rubber ball, it costs $8.
The handle says \"between the eyes!
Hummingbird Toy Co. , Ltd. , a yo-
Yo toy manufacturers are producing the product and sending 1,000 free stackers to troops in the Persian Gulf.
Another 10,000 are made for gift shops.
\"A month after Iraq\'s invasion of Kuwait, I thought of the idea,\" said Kratzer, who runs an advertising company.
\"We sent a leaflet to the store asking if they were interested, although we fully expect the entire Gulf crisis to be resolved.
Then the war broke out.
Creze said he had received letters from soldiers saying they \"liked Wacker, which boosted morale . \"
It makes me feel good.
Needless to say, I hope that nothing has happened.
I \'d rather burn them.
The iraqiwacks)
Instead of letting us fight for the fire.
\"Jones, creator of Saddam\'s voodoo doll, said she designed the doll to\" address my own frustration with some of the events \"that she said affected her life
Website sales staff with USAS.
A real estate company.
\"Making dolls is very therapeutic for me, and then I think it\'s therapeutic for others,\" she said . \".
The idea came into being in September, says artist and seamstress Jones.
A month after Iraq\'s invasion of Kuwait, property sales plummeted, she said, \"I am upset about Saddam Hussein.
She showed the doll to a friend in the gift.
Later he called the manufacturer several times.
Leisure Enterprise Company
In the city of orklahe, who liked the idea, after seeing several of Jones\'s prototypes, agreed to mass-produce the doll in October.
This is the first time she has tried this gift. ware business.
The packaging of the doll includes a yellow ribbon with the \"request from the United States\" message. . .
Take our troops home safely. -
Suggestions put forward and adopted by Jones.
That\'s what we want.
\"I heard from mothers across the country that they have sons in Saudi Arabia and want their sons to go home,\" Jones said . \".
\"If the dolls make them feel better, then it makes me feel better, too,\" she said . \".
\"War is not a joke, nor will this doll make war interesting.
I created it because it was the way I fought back.
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