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someone stole 30,000 litres of iceberg water from a vodka company

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
ST. JOHN’S, N. L. —
About 30,000 liters of iceberg water were stolen from a warehouse of a vodka company in Newfoundland, which confused the owner of the company.
Iceberg Vodka CEO David Meyers said he and his staff were shocked to find a can of 10 cans of water in the company\'s Port Union on Monday morningL.
All the valuables in the warehouse were dumped.
Police are investigating a $9,000 to $12,000 theft.
The thief left with enough water and was filled with a tractor trailer tanker.
According to Meyers, it is equivalent to about 150,000 bottles of Iceberg Vodka.
\"We\'re talking about a lot of water here,\" Meyers said at the Toronto office on Thursday . \".
I have to say, \"who wants it, what will they do with it? I mean, we\'re scratching our heads.
Iceberg Water is valued for its purity and harvesting the product is a \"dangerous and expensive effort \".
\"Think about the grape harvest to make wine. You have only one crack a year.
\"The same is true of icebergs,\" said Meyers.
Every year, a crew member goes to 260
Track the appropriate size of the iceberg on the coast of Newfoundland.
In the late spring, there was only a short window for the iceberg harvest.
At least fortunately, the theft happened in winter, not in autumn, so this year\'s harvest can make up for some losses, says Meyers.
But he said the company hopes to find an answer to prevent future theft.
Other companies in the province that are allowed to mine iceberg water-
Make cosmetics, bottled water and beer for St.
John Brewery
Using much less water than Iceberg Vodka, Meyers says his company is friendly to other businesses.
The crime itself will be a complicated job, which shows that the thief is familiar with the facility.
Those responsible need to enter the building and know the right equipment to complete the robbery.
\"It will certainly upset us,\" said Meyers . \".
\"I never thought someone would steal our water . . . . . . I think we live in an interesting world.
\"The police believe that the theft occurred between Friday and Monday and asked anyone with information to contact Bonavista RCMP or to stop the crime.
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