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Starting a Bounce House Party Rental Business? Tips & Options

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-26
If you search the internet for some details about starting a bounce house party rental company, you usually find three things.1.There are a lot of companies that make bounce houses that have very few articles on the Internet, promise to be easy to succeed, have no work, and get crazy return on investment with only two days a week.They just drew a fluffy picture of the business just because they wanted you to buy the bounce house they sold.
Then, there are articles for everyone who wants to sell you computer programs, business plans, books, or business secrets.Their message is that the bounce house business is easy if you buy/own what they want to sell you.3.Then there are all types of super-broad articles from people who have never worked in the industry.
You can see this because there is no real information in them.It\'s just very general information. it doesn\'t help at all.(Example -\"All you have to do to be successful is call local businesses, go door to door, print flyers, join local chambers of commerce, etc.These are not the things I wrote!Hi, this is Jonathan Todd and I own/manage the spacewalk of Martin St.
I work full time and have over 100 inflatable rentals per month (so I think I\'m qualified to write articles about the industry.) There are two main options for everyone when starting the bounce house rental business..Each method has advantages and disadvantages and I will discuss them in this article.
But first, let\'s click on the ridiculous articles that talk about how easy the industry is to get back to reality.Fact 1.Bounce house companies come and go like the wind.Why?There are a variety of reasons, but one common reason is that the owner thinks it is easy.
Spend some money on some bounce houses, maybe even make a website, print some business cards, etc.Who needs safety training or insurance?They are already an injured child.But they usually don\'t resign because of this.
Here is how you can solve this problem.
Board Craigslist and look for a party rental business to sell.Some are honest, some are dishonest.If they are honest, they will say that most of their inflatable toys have tears, tears, etc, which are not available for rent.WHY?Because good bounce houses cost a lot of money, even good ones need to be repaired, and cheaper ones need to be repaired.
Repairs are expensive.
Once people see that it\'s hard to pay for equipment that only lasts for such a long time, pay for repairs, and then pay for all the remaining business expenses, they see that they give up on holidays and weekends, there is almost nothing.Once people understand this, that\'s when they sell their business...Of course they won\'t tell you.Don\'t get me wrong!This business is very valuable!!!Just when you see the website of the inflatable manufacturer, they will paint very lightly what it actually looks like.
In this context, I will explore the pros and cons of each ownership approach.Personal Ownership1.You can do things the way you want them to (although it may be good or bad ).2.You do not have to pay any type of royalty for the use of the device you do not have to purchase.
You don\'t have to buy equipment out of your pocket!This is huge for me.While writing this, in just 3 years, I \'ve got inflatable equipment worth more than 175 and I don\'t have to pay for it!I only have enough overhead to pay for extension lines, water pipes, carts, brake pads, trucks, trailers, staff salaries, generators, tables, chairs, fuel, etc.It\'s also very beneficial for me not to have to buy inflatable products as they are the most expensive part of the investment.
Tarps, stakes, sandbags, blowers and other equipment are also provided.2.Space Walk separates advertising costs from you.I don\'t need myself if I want to advertise.
Space walk paid me half the cost of advertising.3.Free air filling and blower repair and replacement.This is one of the main components of my success.
It costs a lot of money to repair, and the freight to and from the repair site costs a lot of money.When someone put my hair dryer in the rain, I might have to spend 300.00.But with space walk, it\'s covered.4.Training.This is a major event.Because people don\'t know what they\'re doing, a lot of damage, lawsuits, damaged equipment and bad customer service is happening!5.
Free website and SEO Space Walk are supported by an SEO company that specifically puts you/their website (also for you) on top of the Internet search engine.Their website is already well ranked and has Internet traffic for more than ten years, so it seems to have been established by Google.You will get a part of their website, so there is a direct benefit because if you start your own website, Google won\'t give it a day because it doesn\'t prove itself.
All your competitors will surpass you because they have their website before you.6.Free accountingTaxes and accounting are done for you.You will receive £ 1099 and will only need to be considered in your personal expenses.
Free Commercial InsuranceMost companies in my area do not have insurance because insurance is expensive.My advantage is to be one of the few companies that can serve churches, schools, business activities and city parks as most of them require insurance.Over time, this has become more and more valuable due to soaring insurance costs.
Also, if you are independent and you happen to receive a claim, your insurance will go up very high and you may no longer be able to afford to do business.8.Coach of success.The staff of Space Walk specifically provide you with any guidance you need to succeed.The successful spacewalk branch will give them a lot of specific tips and strategies, and then they will give you this information in turn.
Booking plan.
The booking program itself is an expensive investment.This is another thing provided for free.of-charge.10.Family walking space.In the space walk, we regard each other as a family.Another branch can call me and I haven\'t even seen him and ask for help and I will help them no matter what advice they need.
One thing that helped me grow from 6 inflatable toys to 75 inflatable toys in just 3 years is advice from other space walk branches.I am one of the more than 250 branches of space walk.They have been doing this for over 50 years and have produced many very successful bounce house rental companies across the country.
Many of them earn up to six digits a year, while others simply supplement their income by using it as a part-time business.Personally, when I was out of work, I took over a part-time branch and built it into a very profitable full-time business.What are you doing?These are just some of the things they do;I just went through the highlights.
Answer the phone for the customer.
Reply to email.
Excellent customer service.
Keep inflation clean between rent.
Rent out the equipment (obviously ).
Get paid.
I promise!That\\\'s it!This is the beauty of the space walk project.It frees you from so many things that you can focus on running a great business without worrying about all the difficulties --ups.It\'s no wonder that so many branches have been walking in space for 15 years.
You should never rush to make a business decision, so if you want to hear about it from my mouth, or if you have specific questions, I\'ll give you the chance to call me.The first thing you need to know is whether there is territory in the area near you.Of course, if you have the ability to relocate, then you will have more options.
What you needThe place where the equipment is stored.(Garage, storage unit, shed or large covered trailer.A truck or truck with a trailer.3 low buy-Levels to choose from.There are more than 250 branches in the country, and many people have made space walks for them.
Some people do very well.
Time (like me) and others have other jobs as well, so they also have a part of the job --time.No matter what your situation is, people are gathering, the bounce house is popular and there is money to earn.Think about whether it\'s right for you.Spacepub TRC @ herecomesfun call or email me any questions.
That\'s all.
Feel free to browse my website and call me.www.Apartment for rent.And her fun
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