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stepfather whose \'unsupervised\' stepson drowned in water park swimming pool jailed for seven years

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
The stepfather of five childrenyear-
The old boy who drowned in the water park has been jailed for more than seven years.
Paul Smith, 36, who was unable to swim in Charlie Dunn and was on the children\'s protection register, disappeared on last July while unattended at Bosworth Water Park in Leicester, and was subsequently heard
Smith denied any wrongdoing related to Charlie\'s death, but earlier this month admitted illegal killings on grounds of gross negligence.
A jury at the Royal Court of Birmingham was told that after Smith was allegedly seen smoking, the other children pulled Charlie out of the lagoon and heard them say, \"for the sake,
I don\'t know where he is.
The court held that Charlie was allowed to \"take care of himself\" in the pool, which had signs that warned parents that they had to supervise the teenagers.
High Court judge MS judge jeffford sentenced Smith to five years and two months for two consecutive manslaughter charges.
One-year term in threatening gasoline
Bomb the home of a witness and drive for four months without qualifying.
Charlie\'s mother, Linsey Dunn, 28, was given 8-
In another incident in 2015, after admitting to ignoring Charlie, imprisonment was suspended for a month, when a neighbor stopped four people at the time. year-
From driving a toy car to the old road on the main road.
MS judge jeffford said in his verdict: \"I have no doubt that Linsey Dunn and Paul Smith have sincere love and affection for Charlie.
The judge rejected Smith\'s statement that he was an \"impeccable\" stepfather and told him: \"There is nothing further than the truth. “One father [
By the lake in the Park
I have to explain to another person that Charlie is not his son.
\"You are completely indifferent to Charlie\'s whereabouts and safety.
\"There are no isolated and brief mistakes in care and supervision in this case.
\"The judge talked about children aged 10, 11 and 12 who found Charlie at least 20 minutes after he was last seen and pulled him out of the water: \"It must have been a terrible experience for them, and I take this opportunity to praise the little boys for their concern for Charlie.
In her judgment speech, the High Court judge said Smith appeared to be \"not taking into account\" Charlie\'s safety at all.
Prior to the sentence, Charlie was listed as the subject of the social services child protection program in November 2012.
A spokesman for the NSPCC said: \"Smith gave up his responsibility to protect Charlie from harm, with devastating consequences.
\"Parents and caregivers must be aware of the danger of leaving children unattended, especially in this case.
They should evaluate each scenario and make sure their children are safe.
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