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suicidal woman is saved by an air cushion after plunging 18 storeys down a high-rise building in china

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-30
A suicide woman survived the 18-story crash.
High-rise buildings are reported in eastern China. The 21-year-
The old man in Shandong was rescued after landing on the air cushion.
She was taken to the hospital by nursing staff and was injured in her face.
According to Qilu Evening News, on July 15, the woman was found to be in danger standing on the ledge of a residential building in Liaocheng city.
On the 17 th floor, the police were called to the scene to save the woman.
The police spent an hour trying to convince the young woman.
However, she chose to jump off the building.
A display appears 21-year-
An old man fell on a yellow inflatable bed set up by a fireman.
The powerful landing force makes the air cushion flip in the air.
It is reported that the woman had blood on her face after landing.
She was sent to Liaocheng People\'s Hospital.
She was hurt on her face.
Police have not revealed the woman\'s motive for suicide.
The case is under investigation.
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